Urantia, June 21, 2013.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Leading You towards Eternity.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Dear one let it be known that all normal minded humans are learning to be led by their heavenly Guide within – a Spark from God. This God Fragment, this Thought Adjuster, for a long time searches the earth for the most suitable of human vehicles in order to unfold a budding spirit from within. Thought Adjusters do this to make sure they have the best chance of meeting with the greatest success to lead that human God-ward towards eternity. It is also very important, especially on this backward planet that more mortals begin to realize that there is a definite purpose to having been born, as there are certain steps which can be taken during this life in the flesh.

“First of all, it is your increasing awareness – which is so very important in the work all of you are to do – of meeting certain milestones, which in the spiritual world are called Developmental Circles. Here on earth, at birth, you start out in the seventh circle and work your way inward towards the first. These circles are so classified according to your spiritual development. When you attain the more advanced circles, depending on your willingness to spiritually evolve, you will gradually be able to listen to your heaven-sent Guide within, who at a tender age took up residence in your seed-soul, when your first moral decision was made. This happens with all normal minded children, and without exception.

“We, Thought Adjusters, come with a divine blueprint, which is the personal plan to lead you towards eternity. With our loving, patient and unobtrusive leading, we endeavor to help evolve your eternal souls, so you have something worthwhile to take with you after the dissolution of your mortal temple. In this earth-life everything depends on how you conduct yourselves throughout your life, and by the choices and decisions you make all along. Much has already been said about the spiritual fruits you are willing to grow and exhibit by living the golden rule – doing unto others as you would like to be treated – with love and respect. This rule helps propel you from circle to circle. And what joy it is for us, when our Voices are being heard above the noises of the world!

“Most often this happens gradually, but unexpected happenings can propel you into our immediate presence as we are closer to you than your breath. We are your most intimate Friends and Guides, and therefore our advice to you all is to start practicing our Presence within you on a daily basis, so this evolves into the most beautiful moment of your days, to strengthen your eternal connection with us. It is totally your choice as to how you open yourselves to our leadings. However, one thing you all can be sure of; you will never regret any effort you make to turn within to seek our Companionship, as we represent to you Gods love and security. Over time you might even come to the conclusion that you do not want to spend any more time away from us. Therefore, the moment will be approaching for individual fusion with the Thought Adjuster, to become one. This is the second momentous step in your ascension career towards Paradise. Always, however, your decisions are sacrosanct in the mind of God.”

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