Illawarra District, Australia, June 28, 2013 (date of transcription).
Teacher Samuel of Panoptia.
Subject: “Correcting Time Dispensations.”

Received by George Barnard.

Samuel: “It’s in the nature of Contact Personalities, including those who make themselves available as Receivers of Celestial Messages to be avant garde about their involvement. On many occasions the result of their attitudes, often clearly displayed, is ridicule from the most doggedly entrenched of religionists. On some occasions it might well become dangerous to wax ‘preachy’, in fact it might even become painful, hurtful, and blood may flow, as you have experienced.

“My assessment of this, and Teacher Aaron wholeheartedly concurs that there are times when you truly pity yourselves, when you see yourselves as sacrificial lambs, the victims of ‘the evil one’, or when your lot was long ago determined by Eve’s folly. Yes, when Caligastia took his first wrong turn and sealed your fate? Not so. For one moment now put down your text, and independently use your mind, away from the hard and fast, the black and white.

“Recognize how the ‘elements’ of love, truth, beauty and goodness, liberally applied by you, pay you back a thousandfold and not just in retrospect. Long before the Correcting Time began you were given visions of joy, promises of the future, warnings where needed, advice by the best of Teachers. Long ago you heard from the recently departed, visited their realm, and learned from their experiences, yet neither your future claims on rewards nor your status has suffered.

“See it now clearly in your mind: The universe resembles the horn of spiritual plenty, and as well it is unable to owe you anything for any great length of time. Not only are you showered with privileges when possible or when needed, your spiritual progress is no less enhanced. It is difficult to contend with the thoughts that the universe is ruled, is regulated, by the strictest sets of laws, whilst myriad exceptions apply to specific circumstances to naturally be kept in balance.

“It is the task of the Progress Angels and their regiments of helpers to promote always and in all ways the needed profitable exemptions to the rules, for progress to gain a foothold on backward worlds like yours. It remains for the Angels of the Churches to in debate prove with conviction that your ‘pushing of the envelope’ will be harmful in the end. My beloved students, please do not fear that your ‘testing the limits’ will be frowned upon, instead of being applauded.

“It only stands to reason that the concept of a correcting time is indicative of general dispensations, personal exemptions, and progress. And therefore you are not merely the recipients of such, but the instigators as well. This is Samuel of Panoptia. Aaron and I bid you Adieu.”

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