Alabama, US of A, March 11, 2011.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “You Are Responsible for What Happens Here.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “‘Faith can move mountains.’ In reality, it doesn’t matter how you pray, as long as you do it for the benefit of your neighbor. If all of you would pray for world peace you would create energy so powerful that these changes would immediately become possible. The power of prayer is great indeed, but in this world it has not been applied on a global scale.

“When the wishes of the creature are in complete harmony with the Will of the Father, the desired thing exists. There may be delays in time, but in eternity what was requested is already a reality to the eyes of the Father. Don’t be discouraged when you think that those who pray for the good in your world are relatively few. They are bringing light to the darkest places and even when they are few they have on their side the help of our Father and His hosts. Your prayers are always effective and produce results.

“This world has a global mind. As it happens with mortal bodies, the planetary mind has effects on the physical – the ‘body’ of the planet. This global mind is the sum of all your individual minds, your thoughts, your dreams, your desires, and much more. Once the majority of you have trained your minds to allow and produce only thoughts of truth, beauty and goodness, the mind of the world will follow suit and the ‘health’ of the planet will improve.

“The world is what you make of it. Your world is the sandbox where you practice with your creative powers by cooperating in the creation of your own reality. Once you understand that you are responsible for what happens here, you will discover the power you have always possessed – the power to make the necessary changes to turn this sphere into heaven on earth and establish the age of Light and Life.

“Therefore pray, my child. Pray with conviction and faith. Pray because I always hear your words. Pray because even if you don’t understand how, when, or why, you have the power to change things. Pray because a Spark of the Father lives in you and to all intent and purpose it is equal to God. Pray because the desire to improve things will also improve you. The change you desire for your neighbor is the change that will happen in yourself during your moments of stillness. Pray because your energy will go to those who need it the most and perhaps you can provide some comfort even to those you may not encounter on your path. Pray always and let your soul work to improve this world, because you are a ‘re-transmitter’ of the love energy that comes from the Father – the energy that sustains the universe, the primordial energy – and the more love you send to the world the better things will become.

“In that same way many were healed just by coming close to Jesus – only by touching His cloth – you, your neighbors and your world can be transformed by the creative strength of your faith. There is potential inside of you that you can’t even imagine, and prayer liberates a lot of this potential even if you don’t know it. I, the One who is behind the veil, know of what I speak. Give me the ‘authorization’ and I will labor tirelessly to serve you, and I will perform the necessary miracles to help elevate this world to its rightful place in the universe.”

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