Urantia, March 18, 2013.
The Beloved One.
Subject: “Unspoken Words, Unexpressed Thoughts.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “They are the unspoken words, the unexpressed thoughts, which carry their own vibrations, and which for now are not very well known and even less comprehended in the thought-streams of many people. I reiterate that these thoughts are little understood by the vast majority. It is an even lesser known fact that the causes of emotions are therefore often unknown, but I am telling you now that most often they are unexpressed thoughts which may play havoc in the physical system of the owner. There is as yet very little self-discipline in your becoming aware of even the smallest of beginnings of a thought as immediately emotions will ‘run away’ with this. These small unknown beginnings may evoke some hidden locked up memory, locked away in the ‘filing cabinet’ of the mind. How useful it would be if humans would become aware and do some inner house-cleaning, not just of their bodies but also of their minds.

“Of course, it is recognized on High, that by starting out on your eternal life here on Urantia, you have to cope with more difficulties and temptations than on other planets which don’t have great upheavals behind them. Their evolution largely proceeded according to the Creator’s plans. Unfortunately that was not the case here, when a high placed being named Lucifer, in charge of a wonderful evolving system, proclaimed himself to be the God of that system. All evolving worlds of that time would have to follow his laws of ego-centered self-love and self-will he claimed. Enough said about this, only to state that it affected even the thought processes of all humans living here. The Ruler of your evolving universe decided to come here and show the inhabitants how to be obedient to the will of the Creator God. However, his wonderful life ended very sorrowful indeed when he was nailed to a cross a mere two thousand years ago. Urantia now carries the name, ‘The World of the Cross.’

“However, in time this planet shall breed the most dependable and stalwart children of the most high God, their having been rebellion tested and having learned through trial and error to do His will with a happy and joyful heart. They will also learn how to listen to God’s Gift within their hearts which ever speaks in a small soft Voice, ‘This is the way.’ They are the free-willed people hungering after truth and righteousness who shall make up their minds to cultivate their selves within their hearts, and listen to that loving spirit Voice within. It will even help you control your thoughts if you so decide, as this Thought Adjuster will in time become your Thought Controller, which is so very important as the influence of negative thoughts will lessen, resulting in a physical body less susceptible to causes set in motion in the unseen. Unexpressed thoughts will finally lead to more productive and uplifting God-honoring thoughts and behavior, with loving thoughts and actions towards all.”

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