Monterrey, Mexico, October 3, 2016.
Teacher: Jesus.
Subject: “Trust in Me at the Time of the Test.”

Message received by Bettina.

Jesus: “There are moments in life when you feel despair, perhaps helplessness in not finding the course, the exit or the way. You simply feel lost. Trust in Me. Hold on to Me. I am with you in those moments, as I always am. It is necessary during your life on Earth to live through some situations that can cause you pain and uncertainty. Those are your opportunities to express your faith. Trust, trust, and keep trusting.

“Even My death on the cross was an act of faith and total surrender.

“Trust in the Father’s Will. Give up all your anxieties and all your worries and fears, but really give them away in an act of total abandonment.

“Live the experience of being completely at peace in the midst of trials and conflicts. You can be completely at peace, even living in deep joy while experiencing My love, despite the difficult conditions that may surround you.

“But the peace and joy of My love is within you and these cannot be taken away or changed, except by you when you decide to live your life away from Me, distant and without My presence in your life. You are always free to choose. I am here with you to give you My peace and love. However, I always respect your decision to either let Me into your life or not, because I love you forever.

“Take My Peace, take My Light and My Love. They are larger than any situation you might be living through today. Everything will pass, but My love for you will not pass.”

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