Alabama, US of A, March 27, 2014.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About Intolerance”

  Message received by Oscar. 

Thought Adjuster: “Easily taking offense reveals a lack of self-appreciation, as well as an imbalance in assessing one's own importance. On one hand, those who take offense at the comments or even the teasing of their peers implicitly assume that there is some truth in these actions and seek by all means to prevent others – or even themselves – from realizing it. On the other hand, when you easily get upset by criticism or contradictions to your ideas, you become intolerant and assume that your position is correct, disregarding the ideas of others. Both attitudes are dangerous for your spiritual development, as they lead you to a place where you are unwilling to engage in the sincere self-examination necessary for the progressive achievement of perfection.

All attitudes of intolerance separate us from our peers. By nature, each human being is unique and original. It is absurd to pretend that everyone should think the same way or that they should approach the same situations with the same methods. Experience is very valuable to deity, and the only way to acquire all possible experience is through the original lives of all the ascending sons of God. The Father enjoys originality while loving each and every one of his universal children with equal fervor.

One of the most important lessons you must learn is to get along with your peers. This is a lesson for which you have abundant opportunities in this world. There is great variety among personalities on this planet, differentiated by culture, beliefs, level of progress, and the inherent originality in each personality bestowed by the Creator. Every day you will encounter multiple situations in which you must relate to others. Seize each of these opportunities to learn more about your peers and to see in them the Father who dwells within each of us.

Many of the problems of this world would disappear if its inhabitants made a sincere effort to understand each other. Stop forcefully resisting the apparent attacks that your peers wield against your ego. Instead, try to see their point of view and find opportunities to improve yourself. Behind every criticism lies the mark of a disagreement, a disharmony between personalities. Consider what you could do to get closer to those who apparently are against you. This is only possible through a sincere intention to ‘put yourself in their shoes’ and understand the grievances suffered by others.

Those who have progressed a bit in their journey of self-discovery and dedication to divine will are never offended by the things that happen in the world. They have implicitly accepted the brotherhood among human beings, and although some of their peers may seemingly attack them, they do so simply because they have not yet discovered in their experience the truth that we are all children of the same heavenly Father. Does an adult get offended by the thoughtless actions of a small child? It shouldn't, because the adult, with their maturity and experience, accepts that the little ones will act better when they achieve maturity. Likewise, spiritually mature adults view their brothers still spiritually immature with the same consideration and mercy that they themselves enjoyed during their spiritual childhood.”

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