Chicago, U.S of A, August 21, 2016.
Teacher Prolotheos.
Subject: “Aspirations for Urantia.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “Once you become familiar with the truths of higher revelation from the Urantia Papers that were brought to your world, it is quite normal that as a consequence your aspirations will also become highly enhanced. Mankind has already evolved to a level your ancestors could never have imagined. Although there is not much more physical evolution to be expected, evolution is still at work concerning your senses and there is much evolution ahead related to technology, society and spirituality.

“Material Progress — You on Urantia are now ushered into the so-called digital era, which has brought to you much progress, especially in automatization of tasks. That is the kind of progress that will develop faster and faster in your world. Science will anchor technology and will push it to levels never dreamed of by your generation. However, technological progress without the corresponding social and spiritual progress it is too dangerous for your world. The ideal is that the less time human beings dedicate to labor, the more time they will apply to perfect their social and spiritual skills.

“Social Progress — Progress in this area is still slow in your world due to the great differences in economic, cultural and religious aspects of diverse nations on Urantia. Intolerance, prejudice, fear and mutual suspicions are the basic causes of these differences. Developed nations must reach the poor ones to improve their way of life by helping with basic infra-structure, education, and health. Poor and developing nations must learn to improve their government by choosing leaders that have the best of the public interest at heart — not demagogs — besides rejecting tyrannic views and interests. Furthermore, increasing global interactions in commerce, education, and sports should be perfected, as they will help you to discover the common denominator as the human race. That is, you are all brothers and sisters in one human family.

“Spiritual Progress — Although great spiritual advance has come to your world after the Bestowal of Christ Michael, Urantia still misses an encompassing cosmic view of spirituality. Only recently with the arrival of the Urantia Papers on your world, this kind of spirituality has begun to function, however, still in a very small way. Social events certainly can contribute to the retrogression of spirituality in your civilization. Religion must become a global affair, so it can effectively unite people of diverse faith viewpoints. There is no chance for spirituality to develop while the individual does not gain a true insight of the Universal Father by faith and practice of the universal values of goodness, truth, and beauty (harmony).

“Therefore, my pupil, your aspirations for a better Urantia, is not at all baseless. That is also the purpose of the Gods and most directly of Michael, who, to guarantee these advances to all worlds of Nebadon, did incarnate on your world as Jesus of Nazareth. Do not worry, your world carries the badge of being the home of the Sovereign of Nebadon, and it certainly will be enlightened to inherit all the material, social and spiritual progress that such a world will develop. Your personal aspirations, if of spiritual value, will also be fulfilled, if not there on Urantia, certainly here in the celestial realms. I am Prolotheos, your teacher and tutor, happy to again contact you. Peace!”

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