Alabama, US of A, March 4, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “It is my Will that You Grow in Spirit.” – (Part1).

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “At any time you decide to sit down and listen, I will be here for you, since I am always here. I am your teacher, your guide, your Father and your adventure companion. Accept the gift I offer and use it for your growth and your progress. It is my will that you grow in spirit, because this is the task that was entrusted to Me, and constitutes my priority. I am your Thought Adjuster, the presence of the Father within you.

“You notice that your soul seems to express a growing need for my company. This is natural and it is the impulse that guides mortals to reach the goal of the ages. This search for God is what makes you turn your sights within, towards the little voice that whispers words of encouragement and inspires you to manifest your hidden potential.

“Those who discover the treasure hidden within them can only want more. The initial curiosity turns into a real need, a soul-hunger, which motivates them to cultivate a deeper relationship with the Fragment of the Father. Come to me with your questions, your doubts, your observations and your ideas. This relationship between you and your Father should grow in trust. It is a friendship that must be cultivated and nurtured as requires any friendship between human beings.

“When you enjoy the company of a person, you normally visit him or her frequently, trying to spend more time together. Therefore, isn’t it natural that after creatures discover their Father they long to know Him better and spend more time in His Company?”

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