Illawarra District, Australia, May 4, 2013.
Planetary Supreme, Urantia. (Gaia or Mother Earth).
Subject: “Cooperation, Growth, New Laws and Control.”

Received by George Barnard.

Urantia: “I am the origin of your physicality. I am Urantia; I am Gaia, your Mother Earth. All that you are – flesh and blood – you have on loan from me for the duration of your travels on our world. However, with this material beginning, which will only come around just once for the individual that you are, great progress can be made. It is here where you look after your physical needs, where your mind will develop, where your character will be shaped, your soul will grow, and you shall make the connection with your Gift from God.

“Where you are born is part of what will determine what is expected of you in this life. And here I will make clear that of those who receive many gifts much will be expected. Hailing from a religious or spiritually advanced family or group, you will be expected to ‘find the Father’ somewhat early in your life. Conversely, those seriously disadvantaged in this way are expected to take longer, all of their mortal life, if need be, and more. And yet, all that is needed for the next life to begin, is your desire for life not to end after death.

“Consider the bounteousness of the Creator, and the age in which you are born. These factors become part of what may be expected of you in your life. The ages are like the tides of a civilization – the ebb tide, until the low water mark will trace no lower, and the flow, until the high-water mark is reached. Whilst the ocean tides on our world are on average a little more than six hours in duration, the tides of our civilizations – from the initial family, to clan, to nation, to empire, to superpower and slow demise – can be guaranteed, but never timed.

“Civilizations may well exist concurrently, or be entirely independent and unconnected in place, time and duration from less than 200 years for the Mongol to many times that for the Roman. A typical pattern may be that of cooperation of an increasingly larger populace, growth, dynamism, freedom and invention. Then follow new laws to define everyone’s place in greater detail; high and low. Next comes control of the many by the few, the loss of freedom, impoverishment and economic and spiritual decline.

“In countless places such poverty and spiritual decline is worsening now, and becoming the status quo as time moves on. And in these circumstances they are the mortal heroes of your races that stay true to their morals, religion, their ethics, honesty, and spirituality. Be numbered among these steadfast, I admonish you. You are in my heart. I am Urantia.”

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