Urantia, 18 May, 2013.
The Beloved One.
Subject: “Relative Perfection.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “This is one of those days on which you have not a clue about what I wish to say. Once more, and on a higher level, you have decided that you ought to think more often about what would be God’s will for the day. Please remember that you are often told to just let the day unfold, which includes letting me have my say without your thought-stream intruding on my words.

“Here I would like to introduce my thought for today that wherever you are, or whatever you think, you always exist in relative perfection. The thought has occurred to you what it means to be ‘in relative perfection’. Relative perfection is something all mortals have in common, as you are all born on one of the planets of time-space. And even though you may have greatly different life-forms; your seed-souls are identical, and they have perfection built into them, as this is the purpose for your having been given life.

“The command to all souls is to attain perfection, and during the journey to Paradise to become perfect even as the Creator God is perfect. So you start your life in relative perfection wherever you are born. And depending on, or in spite of the circumstances, and the place where you are born and brought up, much depends on how well you learn to ‘listen’ within. Much depends on your answering the eternal urge within which feels that pull to Paradise, which resides in the seed-soul.

“This pull to Paradise is of similar urge to that which causes all life to grow and flourish. The only difference between humans, and animal and plant life is that humans possess the extra Gifts of Worship and Wisdom. These two qualities separate humans from all others, which nevertheless also exist in relative perfection.

“You mortals have simply no idea what it means to have these two qualities of worship and wisdom. It is so very important to spend some time and fully realise what worship and wisdom mean. These two qualities are the instruments by which one attains eternal life. The development and growth of the soul are thereby exponentially assisted. Therefore, whatever your inclination in the spiritual arena, this is something to remember: No matter how you see the God you worship; it is always the Creator and Giver of all life who is thereby honored. Such feeble attempts matter not to the One who knows everything. All His treasured worshippers are welcome at the table of abundant blessings. All that matters is the attitude of the worshipper, whose soul is thereby nurtured in like measure.

“Therefore, every attempt to listen within to the Spark from God is reciprocated. The responsibility rests solely with the mortal who in striving for immortality creates the habit of regularly listening in order to aid the development of the soul. Enough has been said over time, about following the will of God by living the golden rule in doing unto others as you would like to be treated. This rule is also practiced in relative perfection.”

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