Alabama, US of A, March 1, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Progress is Made Day by Day.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Progress is made day by day, and with each step you take to get closer to the Father, you will discover what talents He has stored-up within your being. Originality is the main feature in the universe. Truly, there is nothing new for the Father, and nothing takes Him by surprise. However, there is still abundant opportunity for originality. The way in which you discover the universes, and the way in which your personality progresses by adapting to the universal flow, is something that has not had previous manifestation in creation. It is always unique and original.

“All understanding and ideas to explain their surroundings will always be original in those who make an effort to think freely. All of you at some point will have to free your selves from the chains of the traditions imposed by your forebears, to rise toward the knowledge of spirit. Spiritual knowledge is never complete on any planet. There are always opportunities to improve, to go deeper and to learn.

“In this world there are even more opportunities. It is very hard for a creature of Urantia to abandon the establishment and to learn to think independently. The fear of being wrong and of rejection by your peers is very intense in some of you. In truth it is better to continue being tied to the old religions and the old beliefs than not having any religious or spiritual inclinations at all. However, when the fruits are ripe, they should be taken from the tree to be eaten, or they will spoil.

“Once a certain level of spiritual maturity has been reached – thanks to a traditional religious education or other means – human beings must take responsibility for their own progress. This is not so much inventing your own path but instead learning to listen within so the Celestial Father Himself is able to reveal the path and guide you in the next stage of your existence.

“Life is a journey of exploration. In this world nobody reaches maximum potential. When someone manages to align their personal will completely, and without reservations, to the will of the Father, the fusion with the Divine Spark will take place, and instantly that human being will be elevated to a new life far from this world. If you are still here it means there are still adjustments that need to be made, there are still things to be discovered and lessons to be learned. Never stop progressing since this is the commandment of the ages – be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect.”

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