Urantia, May 4, 2013.
The Beloved One.
Subject; “Only Your Willingness.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Thank you for your willingness to open yourself up to me, and allowing me the space to bring you a few of my nourishing words. One simply can have no idea what it means to you to so clearly hear the answer to the unspoken question, ‘what is it that God desires from me today?’ You are astonished to hear the answer: ‘Only your willingness!’ And so it is. Only a sincere, wholehearted willingness is required to walk the way of love and peace from day to day during your life’s journey on this sorrowful planet. It is so very important to become more aware of how individual words, actions and reactions evoke a response from others. Be they peaceful or harried and stressful. Look deep into yourself and see where you can improve in your day to day living.

“Are you nurturing and nourishing yourself by taking time out each day to be in my Presence? Indeed you are! You realize that there exists an Island of Peace deep within you, where you come and rest for a while and ‘settle your frazzled nerves’. Here you feel my healing balm restore the needy places in your system, especially that trusty heart, which without fail keeps pumping the health restoring liquid through the whole of you. It is also very important to spend some time in counting the blessings you constantly receive. A heart that is grateful to the Giver of life performs better. Even gratefulness for the all of you – your mind, body and spirit – is important for these give you the opportunity to be who and what you are. Consider now, when one of these is out of order, how do the other two react? Life itself is so mysterious, yet in the main, humans have not yet learned to think deeper than right at the surface of life. For if they did, there would be a lot more respect for all living things.

“Look and see how you respect your God-given body. Can you add one worthwhile iota to it? Except for outer embellishment which disappears like dust in the wind? Can you, or are you, willing to take a good look at your selves and note where improvements can be made either in spirit, mind or body? Your spirit will perform better when mind and body get their proper nourishment and rest. There are as many ways as there are people to start your walk with love and peace towards your own wholeness. You well know that life is among so many other things, ‘a construction job’. There is always more work to be done. Be mindful that the good you do, is towards the glory of the One who hands you the opportunity to live this life. Do realize some of the potential gifts still hidden in you. Take the time to ponder these matters. And, yes, realize that this life is the fundamental beginning of a long exhilarating journey where eventually you will thank the Giver of Life in person for this most wonderful opportunity. It is only your willingness accompanied by loyalty to, and trust in the Creator that will make this happen.”

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