Illawarra District, Australia, May 12, 2013.
Life Carrier Orion.
Subject: “Creation, Evolution and Nurture.”
(A Shortened Transmission).

Received by George Barnard.

Orion: “Today we once more cover ‘the either/or mentality’ that so divides humankind when it comes to beliefs dealing with your origins. Is it creation or evolution? As I earlier made clear, it is both of these, making both the parties at odds either equally right, or equally wrong – depending on one’s point of view – but certainly ill-informed from where I stand. This is Orion, Life Carrier, Spokesperson for my immediate family, here at your request to answer a question any untrained ‘freshly-born’ Cherubim could answer.

“It is, however, my pleasure to once more be among co-workers, students and friends, and I greet all assembled right here and below on your terra firma. It is good to commingle, enjoy the company of those we know and love, and reaffirm in some minds what has been overlooked, perhaps may be seen as revelation by some. Beyond and besides creation, further to and apart from evolution, there is an equally important factor so easily overlooked by the vast majority of you, caught up in the daily humdrum of life – Nurture.

“Call it Sustenance if you will, and see it as an equally important factor with creation and evolution. Without lasting sustenance, creation would become a momentary affair. Without ongoing nurture, evolution would not be a possibility. And yet, the fact that Lower Paradise and the Creator of all, personally, in one of His self-appointed functions nurtures all that is, is rarely thought of. Universal sustenance is awarded as little thought as the origin of water coming from your taps, electricity coming from a power socket.

“What is this universal energy? In essence it is love. When we simply tell you that you are loved, it includes all this which I have just explained – Nurture, sustenance, maintenance, the energy for growth, being held close to our hearts – all this and more, and it is what keeps us orbiting around Paradise. As the Chief (ABC-22) told you many years ago, ‘Should the Gods have it in their minds to stop sustaining all that is, there would immediately be nothing left – not the earth, not the sun, not a feeling, and not even a thought.’

“It is easily remembered, difficult to bear in mind, unlikely for you to feel the awareness of. This basic sustenance ‘percolates’ throughout all existence so silently, it is given little thought, yet it is a major part of universal love for you to remain aware of. This is Orion, enjoying your attention, and so your friendship and questioning minds.”

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