Alabama, US of A, February 28, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “You are the Pioneers of this Spiritual Awakening.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Many more among you are beginning to realize that all truth and knowledge is already within you. Each day, more among you perceive the shine of the Divine Spark of the Father in your hearts. This is scarcely the beginning of the awakening, the dawning of the age of Light and Life, yet the will of the Father is spreading to become a reality in this world.

“Today the proportion of those of the world population who ‘listen’ compared to those who don’t is almost negligible, but these awakenings will become more frequent with time. The channels have been reconnected and your sphere is no longer in quarantine. The capacity for spiritual reception is normalizing in the little ones now being born and a great spiritual awakening will begin to manifest. Perhaps it will not happen as fast as many of you would desire for it to happen. Just remember that the timing of the Father is always perfect, and all this is already a reality on Paradise and in eternity.

“It is now when you can do the greater good. It is now when your words of encouragement to your peers, your inspiration to create works of art that awaken imagination, and your curiosity to explore the potentials that remain hidden within you, can have a deeper and greater impact. The currents of love flow with increasing freedom and those who use this momentum of the tides of change will notice how their efforts seem to become multiplied.

“You are the pioneers of this spiritual awakening. One day you will look back and you will see how your apparently irrelevant efforts did contribute to make your world a better place. All impulses, desires, and efforts to elevate the spiritual level of your world, and increase the well-being of your peers, will always yield results.

“Many of those who have left your world rejoice when observing how the small seeds they planted in the past are germinating in the hearts of the men and women of this generation at this time. Just like many of the truths and ideas of your philosophers and religious ones of the past found a means of expression in the Urantia book, the ideas and the meanings you learn about today will be the revelations that will lead the souls of the future to the gates of salvation. Imagine, think, write, search, because all learning belongs to you as much as it belongs to all who may need it throughout the universes. This is your contribution to the Supreme Being and the way in which you start to co-creatively participate in the development of a new reality.

“You are beginning to understand that you are all one, part of the same organism. You already know that there is great undiscovered potential hidden within each one of you. However, what you can achieve by working together in harmony, and with unity of purpose, easily transcends anything you might achieve alone. It will go well beyond what the most imaginative among you can conceive. When you start to spiritually awaken, and you start to associate with your peers at a higher level, you will discover that the limitations of what you thought you could achieve together, will vanish.

“Imagine working on projects that will require many generations to complete. Imagine everyone making an effort to do the best they can without being concerned about individual glory or personal rewards. Imagine one generation working tirelessly and joyfully so the next generation doesn’t have to start all over again, but instead their being able to ‘stand upon the shoulders’ of their forefathers, and advance even further. Imagine continued progress in all fields. This is the reality for those who dare to leave behind their fears and prejudices to work on a goal more important than their selves – to fulfill their universal responsibilities and leave their world in better shape than they first found it.”

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