Illawarra District, Australia, May 4, 2013.
Planetary Supreme, Urantia. (Gaia or Mother Earth).
Subject: “Information, Empathy and Love.”

Received by George Barnard.

Urantia: “I am the air you breathe. I am the water you drink. I am the food you eat. And I am the ground you walk on. I am Urantia, I am Gaia, your Mother Earth. Physiologically, you are my subjects, and you will only be complete when you have moved through time and arrived in eternity. Likewise, I will not be complete until long after, when the entire grand universe shines in Light and Life for all to see. Although we all, you and I, have personalities in our own right, we are yet embryos of what in the end analysis we do become.

And this ‘end analysis’ can come sooner or later for me. It is entirely up to you – depending on you, totally. I gather continuous information of all that transpires in, on, and above this earth, from the birth of the smallest tadpole to the eventual completion of the most grandiose of your schemes. In contrast to the Creators who found their origin in eternity, and who are able to perceive all events in all time past present and future, I must deduct the future from what I perceived in the totality of my past and what I gather in the present.

“With all I have learned, and with all that I hear and see, I admonish you to change your ways by changing your minds. Your thoughts come before action as surely as there must be the realisation of empathy in your mind before there can be love in your heart.’

George: “I sense where this is going, but now this is no longer a private conversation. I guess you are going on the record here…”

Urantia: “…as I intend my words and feelings to be known. Only the unwilling to learn can be in total darkness concerning the plight of another. Only the informed can be in empathy of those who suffer, and from this empathy of mind can spring love to dwell in the heart.

“So I ask of you to become informed about matters close and far away. I ask you to be distrustful of those who have a vested interest in misinforming you when myriad sources blare out the deeds of inequity, of unfairness, injustice, trauma and theft, starvation and despair. I have so much to give you! There is enough for all! With all your talk of peak oil, peak energy, peak water, silver, grain or gold, I’ve heard nothing about peak inventiveness. No, no such thing, or peak human intelligence, just selfishness and stubbornness.

“You do have all the answers if only you will think. You do have all the solutions if only you will care. To make ever deadlier weapons to take another’s prize and kill and starve and torture is not your answer. Information will cultivate your mind, empathy is what will plant your crop, and love and equality is what you will harvest. I am Urantia. I hold you lovingly to my breast.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
I am the air you breathe. I am the water you drink. I am the food you eat.
And I am the ground you walk on – I am Urantia. Financial Support