Illawarra District, Australia, April 28, 2013.
The Damascus Scribe.
Subjects: “After the Flood - Religion.”

Received by George Barnard.

George: “I think of you when I hear the name of your town. It seems a shame the way it is being destroyed.”

The Scribe: “You are a true friend for you to concern yourself with my town, and I am grateful, but my thoughts are with the people at the present time. Soon the barbarous will flood the stage spurred on by the most cruel of task masters. However, our universes keep perfect score, and those who spoil must make good, those who kill must do healing, whilst those who maim and steal must feel the psychological pain of having duped a brother. The flood will drown everything before it, unless the tide is turned back.

“Then, after perhaps two-score years, it is time to clean up, a time to make friends, and a time for an unqualified go-ahead of the resumption of your Correcting Time with the grand period of Light and Life to distantly come into view? For so long have you sent your young to cut short the lives of their young. For so long have you warred over religion when dishonest acquisition of territory, control, power, and booty has ever been your aim. We will now speak of the matter for which we convenened this meeting of minds.

“Following periods of personal enlightenment, individuals acquire an overwhelming need to share with others that which can never be explained in numbers, pictures, or words. One might need to be of spirit to explain the spiritual. It does however do little to restrain the courageous and the zealous from ministering to the uninitiated and so, in many instances, we witness the birth of yet another religion. As much as circumstances still force you to inadvertently look down upon those who practice a religion, these ‘cults’ are important.

“You have your reasons to distrust some in religious service to the Creator, but I assure you that without religions of all kinds spiritual progress would be impossible for this world as a whole. Religions in most cases represents the ideal cradles to spirituality, by their quaint outdated principles, by what these religions have in common, and by how those who logically follow these religions and can forge real spiritual truths from the outmoded. Few will follow a spiritual path when brought up without religious teachings of a kind.

“They are those who use their minds to fill in the words not heard in sermons. They are those who read their truths between the lines. They are those who lift their hearts to their Creator. And they are those who progress their spirits for all times.”

“It is I who mourn not the towns, but their people, the old and young and infants, robbed of their essential planetary experiences. May peace reign beyond this flood of anger, lust and greed. And may you herald in and decree millennia of serenity. I am the Damascus Scribe.”

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