Chicago, US of A, April 16, 2013.
Teacher Prolotheos.
Subject: “Tragedies.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “Evolution, as a technique of producing life in the time-space realms is not wholly unpredictable, since it obeys the plans established by the Life Carriers. However, life on a planet like Urantia can become particularly unpredictable, especially after the manifestation of personality with free will. Free will brings with it the possibility of evil, and evil is an element of destruction. It poses a risk to the very life forms that are carefully nourished by Life Carriers for many millennia before human beings evolve in the realm. In this predicament resides the answer to unfortunate events in your world – wars and tragedies so often witnessed.

“Even after free will manifests in the realm, a planet is not left to its own devices. Soon after are inaugurated the several dispensations of the Sons of God coming to a planet to improve the planet’s cultural and or biological status, as certainly happened on Urantia. This invisible administration usually starts with the Planetary Prince and his 100 re-personalized mortals of the realm, to gently aid the planet’s evolutionary progress. On Urantia, unfortunately, your Prince Caligastia joined the Lucifer Rebellion, disarranging the divine plan and bringing about great confusion to the only newly emerging human civilization. That was the first calamity your world experienced.

“The next great tragedy was when Adam and Eve were brought from on High to be Urantia’s racial up-lifters, and they also fell into darkness, not by rebellion, but by default. Their default greatly thwarted the celestial plan to improve the human race with the superior genes of Adamic descendants, as they both personally mixed their genes with individuals of the evolutionary races before building up a strong progeny of a thousand generations. This default added to the confusion Caligastia’s sin had brought. It also rather deprived you of a superior spiritual capacity.

“These two tragic events on your world did impact your development as a human race and it affected your cultural civilization, but they were not considered to be your fault. Notwithstanding, these two events disadvantaged you greatly. They did not incapacitate you to the degree that they stopped you from progressing in this world, as was always intended. In fact, because of your low condition, your planet was chosen by the Sovereign of Nebadon, Christ Michael, as the world on which he would make His final bestowal to gain total sovereignty of His domain. This happened when he was born in human form as Jesus of Nazareth. His coming to your world became your greatest blessing and most supreme privilege of all.

“After 2000 years, you still have grave troubles in your world, because your culture has not yet sufficiently, or broadly enough, absorbed the real meaning of Jesus’ teachings. As well, there is your still strong animal tendency to solve conflicts by violence. Your current tragedies from wars, greed and aggrandizement, are fully your own deeds and liability. Only an increased awareness of your unity as a race, and of your common origin in God as your Father, can minimize these tragedies and dissipate them in time. As far as God is concerned, these new tragedies are now fully your responsibility. I am Prolotheos, and I wish you all peace.”

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