Alabama, US of A, February 28, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Let Your Father Work Through You.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Some may be concerned that your civilization is reaching a point of stagnation, and they would be quite correct at that. When the majority in a civilization is more concerned with pleasures and self-gain instead of with making contributions – creating new or added value that you leave behind during your transit through this world – things can indeed end up very badly. It happened to Greece and it happened to Rome.

“How could you transform these materialistic and selfish tendencies? By identifying the problem and calling attention to it. Your educators should make an effort to motivate their students to be useful, not to be important. Remember that it is the task that may be important, not the self. This has nothing to do with the importance you have in the eyes of your Father, who loves you unconditionally as He does all your siblings. ‘He who wants to be great should be at the service of all his brothers,’ said the Master. You will be judged ‘up there’ by the amount of good you have done, by the size of your contributions, not by your fame and fortune.

“A human being can do great things in the world from a spiritual point of view, but an attitude of self importance will effectively restrict the growth of that soul. This was the mistake Lucifer made. He associated the position which the trust of his peers provided him with a misjudged sense of his own importance, so much so, he considered himself above God. Your destiny is certainly to be like God, to His image, but He doesn’t place Himself so far above you that He cannot commune with creatures that are the furthest removed from perfection, and He does this like a loving Father does with His children.

“Those who give themselves a lot of importance start to disconnect from the universal spiritual currents, because they start to believe they don’t need the Father. Those who remain humble, wisely putting their lives and their will under the influence of the Father, find He will always guide them towards their best destination. The Father is a ruler who works through His children. You are the tool of the Father, and if you start to believe you don’t need Him, you will loose your usefulness. If you loose communication and stop hearing His voice, you will not be able to follow His advice or His instructions. The ultimate reality in the universe is that all begins and ends with God. Every path that does not lead in His direction will take you nowhere, just to your death.

“Be the change you want to see in this world. Be an example of a worker who does what he does for the love of his peers. Let the Father work through you, doing what you do with your focus on being an intelligent tool – an agent of the Father on earth. When people discover they don’t need so much in excess in order to live happily, and that material overindulgence does not equal success, they will start to search for a way to more effectively satisfy their need to belong and be accepted. Work today for those who will come later. This is the intelligent way to at present consider your efforts. Ask yourself how what you do today will impact the next generation? Am I working just for me, or am I contributing something to the future?”

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