Illawarra District, Australia, April 5, 2013.
Midwayer Beatrice (ABC-3).
Subject: “Important Universe Rules” (shortened transmission).

Received by George Barnard.

Beatrice: “It is because you are not in agreement with the method in which your lessons now come to you that you have asked further questions still, and you asked me. Am I then the least assertive of your teachers? Interesting! I am here with you now. This is Beatrice, and I want to briefly speak with you about important universe rules. You are not the first receiver of messages who feels uncertain, perhaps concerned, perhaps put out, because we are now providing you with concepts, which you must then put into words.

“However, we are talking about those who are among the troops; those who have had some decades of word for word dictation, and input, and who, after a time, are treated differently, and are given concepts that they must then put into words – their own words. Long ago on other worlds, it was accepted, and it became universe rule that word for word dictation would at some time be supplanted by a method that would give the receivers of the messages a task to find the words – their own expression for the concepts provided.

“In this fashion the receiver would gain more, shall we call this, ‘universe credits’ in the work he or she was doing. Long ago in places unknown to me, it was found that this aspect of co-creation does a tremendous amount of good. And without my meaning to be seen as facetious, it could be said that this method shares the load between Celestial and mortal, and creates more profit for the human prophet. You see, my dear friend, the universe never forgets anything that functions profitably, it uses it, and it becomes universe rule.

“As Machiventa orders specific lessons to be taught, and diverse Teachers set to the task to prepare such lessons, we experience variations on the main theme as ordered by the Prince. You must now see your task in this way; that you will engender better understanding from a larger group among all readers when the use of language varies, is richer, more diverse. And in this fashion the product of your combined effort, the Celestial-human lesson to be forwarded to the readers, will have more clarity, life and identity.

“As well, and this has obviously somewhat escaped your notice so far; there is now a third willing Helper in this effort to proclaim God’s Truth – your Thought Adjuster. So, do not fear that your work in the transmissions might suffer, because the ultimate composer in all the universes is ever at your service – your writer, your most able word-smith – your always-ready Gift from God.”

Note: Beatrice (ABC-3), older sister of Chief Bzutu (ABC-22), was the famous and almost always invisible Midwayer Assistant of Dante Alighieri, author of ‘The Divine Comedy’ and other works.

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