Urantia, March 31, 2013.
The Beloved One.
Subject: “Really Living Life.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Whilst you are still in a meditative mood, let us consider life and how to really live it. There are so many ways to choose how to live and I would recommend that you keep this in mind, so you do not find yourself stuck in a rut where the same thoughts run through your head, over and over again, especially with negative thoughts of loneliness or abandonment, which may lead to depression. There are so many on this planet who feel alone but hardly ever does the thought enter their minds that they have the choice to change their attitudes. So it is with obsessive thinking, especially with fearful and negative thoughts, which leave their mark on the physical system. So when enough negative thinking of any kind is habitually indulged in, life becomes just that.

“This I would warn against as it is so very difficult to switch to a different ‘track’ in your brain and change your attitude by ‘looking through a different window’, so to speak. Life itself is a gift from God. The other most important bequest to humanity is the gift of free will, which through the spirit poison of negative thinking can covertly be eroded. One needs to be astute in realizing that mundane low level thinking leads to low level life experiences, which in the light of eternity might be considered a waste of precious time.

“Please realize that the life you live is your foundational life for all eternity. And if you do not want to have any regrets on the next level, it will serve you well to be more attentive concerning your thoughts and actions. The Time of Correction has arrived, and people will need to take inventory of their inner lives, which, judging by the state of the planet, has so far been neglected by the majority. Many have become complacent by letting others do their thinking for them, which is a gross misuse of the gifts that were implanted at conception.

“It was always the intention of the Creator to give you your eternal life almost as if on a silver platter. The only thing required is for you to live with deep faith in the Giver of Life, and to start making use of the talents you have been given. Please do not bury your talents in mundane lives, but use your inherent genius and truly make something of yourselves, which will be worthwhile to look back on, with a minimum of regrets, when you arrive at the next level of your eternal existence.

“It is in you to turn this world into a veritable paradise – a world where all humans take their rightful place with love and respect, and accept each other as equals under the benevolent loving over-care of the Creator. A world, where everyone is practicing the golden rule – living life as it was intended from the beginning of time – to the glory of God.”

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