Illawarra District, Australia, March 10, 2013.
Primary Midwayer Andrea.
Subject: “Northern Andites and the Tribes of Ratta” (shortened transmit).

Received by George Barnard.

Andrea: “Consider now that if you needed to read all the news of the world during each day, there would need to be many of you, each reading a part of the total. You would soon lose ‘your famous storyline’ if you were doing it all by yourself. It would be too much, for too much is happening. So, what makes you think that a few pages in your text (the Urantia book) explain the life of Van and his trusted brother, Amadon? Their prolonged stay (some 150,000 years) is an enormous chapter in the annals of our troubled world.

“Their days are all recorded. The minutes of their meetings will all be available to you, written up by Jerusem administrators, and you will be able to acquaint yourself with either the long version, or just the highlights, or any version of varied length in between. Beyond what you learn about resolve on this world, Van and Amadon will teach you absolute determination. They persisted for 150 millennia by the grace of the fruits and leaves of the tree of life. And they did so despite frequent physical dangers of many kinds surrounding them.

“Consider here the adventures of Adamson, Ratta, and their offspring. It is easy to forget that there were fifty-one normal children as well as the sixteen supernatural ones which gave birth to the 1984 Urantia Secondary Midwayers. The fifty-one and their descendants for countless generations played an important part in the emancipation of tribes into nations to the north near the Caspian Sea and beyond, to the west – directly west and down to Egypt – and to the south-east as far away as India and the mostly fertile lands of the Punjab.

“Where these individual Andite troops and tribes chose to move, very much depended on how they saw and described their selves. Those who related more to their Adamic ancestor in both looks and behavior tended to move north or west. They were long-lived, so consider this, and their mission to populate the earth. Improving the races with their superior bloodline was hardly a secret to anyone. They had many offspring, and the tale of their ancestors, Adam and Eve, and the Garden of Eden was kept alive all throughout, until modern times.

“Those Andite tribes who tended to be somewhat darker of skin and hair related more to the Nodite side of the family. Their grandmother, Ratta, was seen as royalty, a descendant of those who were ‘the gift from the sky of long ago’. These southern Andites found their homes more often among those living in the Punjab and did much to up-step the races there. Even today it is a matter of great pride for some to claim to be a descendant of a tribe of Ratta, and this continues to be seen as more important than being of the Adamic connection.

“This is Andrea. I thank my gracious hosts, and leave them my love.”

George: “Thank you Andrea.”

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