Alabama, US of A, February 17, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “When bad things happen.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “The love of the Father has no limit. It is the most powerful force in the universe. Nothing can triumph over this infinite love, and nothing can restrain it, stop it, or make it go astray. This love will heal all wounds and fill all the voids in the spiritual lives of all creatures that search for comfort, guidance and salvation.

“Many horrible events have occurred on this earth. Often the culprits are victims of mental problems, who in their moments of fleeting mindal clarity suffer enormously because of the things they have done. Some simply don’t know any better. Very few willingly cause the great tragedies of humanity and they fully understand the consequences of their actions. All these individuals will have plenty of opportunity for rehabilitation on the Mansion Worlds before making the definitive decision about their eternal destiny.

“Those who are forcibly removed from this world are being placed in good care on the Mansion Worlds, and all the deficiencies of their past, and the loss of experiences on this world, will be compensated. Know that the care of the Teachers of the Mansion Worlds greatly transcend anything that can be done here on earth, regarding the love they invest in their tasks and their qualifications and experiences. Those who have gone to the hereafter before their time will eventually resume their journey to Paradise in a normal fashion.

“Many of the tragedies of this world are indeed hard lessons and many innocents certainly don’t deserve what happens to them. However, even such tragic experiences have their worth, and all can learn something from them, at least in preventing them from happening again. Send your love and your forgiveness when bad news fill your hearts with sadness, and trust that everything will always be for the best, and that all will be solved according to the will of the Father. Strive to be more spiritual, more like what the Father has envisioned for each of you, and you will contribute to healing the many wounds of this world.

“Many of you will start noticing that you are becoming more sensitive to the bad news of the world. This is not so much a part of your spiritual growth as being a consequence of it. True paternal and fraternal love is awakening within you by your letting the Father’s love fill your being. You are beginning to consider all others to be your siblings, and all – particularly children – awaken your paternal love for all humanity. It is natural that you suffer when you see others suffering – this is the natural human empathy that arises from the fact that we are each other. Now you begin to understand how the angels and other Celestials, particularly Michael and the Father, feel and suffer just like you, perhaps they do even more so.

“This love is the cure for indolence – not caring about your peers. Those who are awakening to this love feel the need to act, to help, to contribute, and this is how the problems of the world will be solved and how the age of Light and Life will at last arrive. Love is the solution, it has always been, and it remains so throughout the universes. Very few have discovered this in this world, but each day more are starting to realize this truth and that the divine light is shining with increasing intensity upon this sphere.

“All those who have been involved in man-made tragedies will face a time of reckoning. The guilty will forgive their selves, and the victims will forgive them. Imagine the reunion of these souls in the future when the only thing among them will be unconditional love. This will offer the best possible outcome for the bad things of the past.”

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