Urantia, March 25, 2013. (date of transcription).
The Beloved One.
Subject: “Shaping Your Character.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Today we cover a subject that warrants your close attention. It will give you some insights, which, no doubt, will also be very useful to others. In your mediation this morning you received an insight as to what will be expected of you, and of course of all mortals who are serious about doing the will of God. Like you, many have problems in determining what exactly it means to do the will of God. After life itself, your personality is the most precious gift anyone can receive from the First Source and Center of all Creation. You have also learned that the ideal method applied to time-space is perfection through evolution.

“This method has been used since time immemorial. So let us now turn to the subject I desire to discuss with you – the unfolding of your personality, which is embedded with all the seeds of potential possibilities. These seeds are considered to be the gifts the Creator bestows upon each living being. How each person develops these innate seeds depends entirely upon the gift of free will. As we venture further into this discussion you will begin to realize, and to use, that quote from a man who touched the secret of the universe (* see note below: Walter Russell). He concluded that ‘Mediocrity is self inflicted; Genius is self-bestowed. The choice is in each to realize what is wanted out of life, as genius is inherent in everyone.’

“So how do you begin to realize some of those seeds embedded in you? Simple! You enrich your character through determination and self-discipline in whatever you undertake. You become more conscious of your behavior towards self and others, and so the journey of self-correction begins. Every minor achievement is a victory enhancing your personality whilst you unwittingly shape your character towards perfection. Even the tiniest step represents a move forward to bring forth the genius in you. It is by this method of self-education that you evolve towards perfection, to in the far distant future stand in front of the almighty Creator, having brought forth all the tiny seeds inherent in you to its greatest possible fulfillment.

“Do you now glimpse what a wonderful journey your ascension journey is going to be, to by your own choices and decisions develop your own God-given blueprint? You will become the most marvelous being the Creator has in mind for you, only through shaping your character according to his will. This constant shaping is important. It is your present centered awareness paying attention to where you can improve and love yourself more, so you can love others more, and thus treat them the way you would like to be treated.

“There will be no more self-criticism, and no more disapproval of others as you are all worthy children of the eternal Creator, busily evolving yourselves according to the all merciful and unconditional love of God. This shaping your character towards perfection will continue throughout your ages-long journey until you are found worthy to stand in the presence of the All That Is, having developed your inner genius to perfection.

“Ponder these words and start appreciating some of the gifts you have been given. Do develop these gifts by shaping your character according to the blueprint inherent in you. Let your personality shine like a brilliant light in the cosmos.”

* Note: The Book: ‘The Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe’ was written by Glen Clark about Walter Russell – 1871 – 1963.

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