Illawarra District, Australia, February 22, 2013.
Mentori Spokesperson.
Subject: “Consequences of Time-space Creation” (abbreviated).

Received by George Barnard.

Mentor: “Your Teacher Samuel’s lesson on Karma and Reincarnation, Teacher Aaron’s lesson on Collective Karma, and our (Mentori) efforts on the Consequences of Time-space Creation, will dove-tail well, we feel. We greet you, and we will now proceed although the hour is late. I am a Mentor and a former human.

“In producing time-space universes, and venturing out into them, the Creator Sons and their Consorts – the Michaels and Mother Spirits – in creating humans also give rise to a paradox. Whilst evolution runs its course down to the finest and most bizarre of random details, man’s individual free will remains paramount. It is not negotiable but for extremely rare occasions of celestial intervention. However, not one single human was ever asked if they wanted to be born, which parents they would select, or what race or nationality they preferred.

“In eternity, where ‘everything happens all at once’, so we are taught, one can experience whatever one will fully focus on in earnest. They are the consequences of time-space creation and evolution that there must be sequential events, and the new-born simply cannot have a record of having requested life before conception. Impossible. I did not request to be born, neither did you, nor did anyone human or angel. And therefore, perhaps, there are provided eventual outs, which in certain, most uncommon circumstances, do apply.

“It is possible for one to live such a selfish and dishonorable life that one’s Thought Adjuster, in reality ‘man’s ticket to eternal life’, decides to leave even years before the mortal temple – the human body – has breathed its last breath. The all-knowing, all-caring Thought Adjuster would have no need for the constantly upsetting thoughts and behavior of the wayward inconsiderate human host. Knowing the future, this Gift from God would know the precise moment at which irreconcilable human inequity would set it free.

“It is possible for one with little more than the vague hope that there is more to come, rather than physical death entirely ending the journey, to attain eternal life. One only needs to land on the mansion worlds where every conceivable counseller, every imaginable carer, every plausible teacher is available to redirect the errant individual. Much can be caught up with, although a few, stubbornly refuse to ‘get with the program’ and finally decide that aiming for eternal life is simply too hard, too tough and exhausting. They become unreal.

“Here you see that when either negative karma becomes too great for the Thought Adjuster to remain, or unwillingness to proceed becomes final, the former human becomes unreal, and eventually the Paradise Citizens called the Ancients of Days will determine the personality spiritually insolvent. He or she will then be as if they never were even when all are invited. Proportunately few are lost that will not repent. The needless loss of these willful ones is seen as a calamity, and ‘The Gods learn how to cry’, as ABC-22 puts it rather succinctly.”

“I speak on behalf of our group of Mentori. We thank you for your good efforts. We leave you our love.”

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