Chicago, US of A, March 2, 2013.
Teacher Prolotheos.
Subject: “Evolution.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “Evolution is a means by which the Gods ‘print their design’ onto space-time creation. Indeed, it is not the only way by which creation appears in the Universes. There is creation by fiat, by generation and by evolution. Urantia’s evolution of life started with the life formulation by the Life Carriers, and it will go on into the eras of Light and Life through the progressive ‘synthetization’ by the resident Planetary Deity Supreme. Evolution is a complex process which cannot be fully understood, even by the very human beings it produces. Sadly, evolutionary religion does not allow itself to be comprehended, whilst ignorance grossly distorts it.

“The first erroneous concept about evolution on Urantia is the affirmation that life evolution is purely a result of chance. Nothing in the Universes is purely random. God exists and leaves nothing to chance. Even when he gives free choice to personal beings, the very finiteness and limitations of these beings, and the established divine order make their choices to eventually fall within the ultimate plans of the Gods. Evolution has no beginning, neither has conducted randomness. It originates from space energies, is manipulated by highly endowed Celestial Beings, and is developed under close supervision by Celestial Administrators until personality manifests in a particular species.

“Another wrong idea about evolution is the assumption of transitional links between the species. There are mutations within species, but a new species is born fully fledged, with distinct characteristics from its ancestors. Each species has a mutation limit and what comes next is always new. However, when personality manifests in a greatly evolved species, no other species will later manifest personality. That is why from the Primates, only the species which evolved to be human beings, are endowed with personality. The reason why paleontologists can’t find the ‘missing link’ in evolution, is because it never existed. This shows you that an intelligent (divine) design is clearly at work.

“One last wrong idea about evolution is the want to explain everything in terms of evolution. Evolution is pretty well done with on Urantia, especially in human beings. Evolution will not produce a different species more intelligent than human beings. The progress in human civilization is caused by increasing knowledge of biological and physical sciences that is acquired, improved and passed on to new generations. Evolution is a biological process and it is not meant to be a philosophical system to explain everything. Evolution does not explain God, or faith, or moral values in humans; only personality – a treasured gift from God – can explain these concepts.

“Therefore, my pupil, evolution reflects the design of God to bring forth beings that are suited to receive their personality from the Father, and even host the marvelous Fragments of God, the Thought Adjusters. Some religionists cannot accept the reality of evolution because its explanation comes mainly from Science that cannot account for the existence and operation of God in the Universes. Nonetheless, evolution has its own testimony in the geologic history of Urantia, even if mistakenly interpreted by many biased scientists. Only blind religiosity can deny evolution, just as arrogant science denies God. I am Prolotheos. Peace to all.”

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