Alabama, US of A, February 16, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Events of the Past.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “It is a normal part of spiritual growth to find one has to face events of the past that remain to be dealt with – lessons that still need to be learned. Sometimes memories of things that seemed to have been forgotten can re-surface for the events to be re-examined from a new perspective in order for one to let go of old fears, hatred or guilt about poor decisions.

“You would be surprised by the amount of spiritual poisons that can remain stored in the minds and souls of mortals. Many of these poisons can remain hidden until those souls involved, in the midst of awakening, can face and resolve them. Even when immediate recall of such hidden events is not available to the mortal mind, they do exert some influence over the personality, and unconsciously affect the decisions and actions of the individual. It is one of the tasks of the Thought Adjusters to help their mortal charges remove those things that are retarding their spiritual growth.

“Nothing remains forever forgotten in the time-space worlds. Those moments of hate, of great passions or great fears always remain ‘pending’ until the personalities involved are able to overcome them and move forward. These moments don’t vanish with death and may even stay behind once the soul has ascended, and from time to time – depending on their intensity – can be perceived by other as ‘ghosts’, ‘visions’, or ‘apparitions’.

“When you decide to grow in spirit you are also deciding to let go of all that baggage of regrets, fears, hate and all other maladies that darken the light that strives to shine through you. This is the price to be paid for the freedom to live in following the guidance of the Father. It is in these moments that human beings will face the pain they have caused others, as well as themselves, and they will also face the consequences of their actions.

“This is when judgement starts, and you become your own judge. Remember that your Father’s love has granted you forgiveness even before you ask for it, but in order for you to experience this forgiveness you must first forgive yourself and those you believe have caused you suffering. Learn the lessons from the mistakes of the past, and leave them behind as steps that helped you reach a higher level in understanding truth. Leave behind all sorrows that prevent you from rising to the level of all those who know themselves to be children of God.”

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