Illawarra District, Australia, March 23, 2013.
The Damascus Scribe.
Subject: “Guilt and ‘Self-flagellation’.”

Received by George Barnard.

The Damascus Scribe: “At any time, day or night, I am available to you, and much more so than my being a Teacher, I am your Friend. Much more so than my being informed about what goes on around you, I am acutely aware of all happenings pertaining to the Progress Contingent. In leading the very Ruler of Nebadon, I declared the progressive characteristics of my personalized self yet unrealized. My task now is to contribute in any way possible to bring forward the unstoppable tide of Light and Life. Yes, I am the Damascus Scribe.

“We will discuss guilt and self-flagellation as distinct from clear analysis of the self, most determined resolve to improve the self, and tranquility of mind as a result. It is so often forgotten that the evolutionary worlds are the spawning grounds for one of the grand universe’s most important species – humans, mortals – those made of the elements of the planet. It is so often overlooked, not by us, but by you, that you will fail to be perfect in every way, every day, and that you will feel guilt to the point of endearing self-flagellation.

“It (self-flagellation) is no longer such a favorite way of telling the self and others that one was born in sin and may never grow to gain the Creator’s acceptance! Happily the custom is dying out, slowly, yet the mental attitude has hardly improved. There is so much guilt and self-deprecation among you! And this belies the friendly universe you live in. Evolutionary worlds are the training grounds for future emissaries to the outer universes now forming. Mortal men and women will be the true and tested representatives of the Gods.

“We so eagerly want to see you to be accepting of yourself in your weaker moments, seeing your world as a large remedial classroom where great curative powers are unleashed. Perfection is to be attained through learning right from wrong and thereafter defining which path to travel, doggedly, unwavering. So much is lost through clinging to regrets of a past that cannot be altered, and so much is gained by living in the now with a focus on the future! Yes! What roundabout way I have traveled here before getting to the point!

“Here than is my answer for the fearful ones for whom man-made religions of crowd control have painted a God to be dreaded. He is a loving Father Creator, instead! It is a rarity for a Thought Adjuster to be so distressed by human ways as to permanently leave him or her. And it is most uncommon for a human soul to lack all redeeming values. More common is it for those ‘reborn’ on Mansonia to view their tasks in rehabilitation as ‘too awesome’ to even contemplate. These, though few, may well decline eternal life, and be made unreal.

“So I admonish you all to know yourself, strive to always do better, and encourage a calm mind through prayer and meditation. I leave you my love. Carry on my friend.”

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