About Free Energy

Oregon, US of A, September 3, 2018.
Uteah – Trinity Teacher.
Subject: “About Free Energy.”

Message received by Anyas.

Uteah – Trinity Teacher: “All connections occur at an energetic level. Human beings would grow in awareness as to the quality of their thoughts and emotions if they learned to accurately decipher their energetic charges.

“Ponder this for a moment. Whenever you feel depressed, you become energetically depleted. You tend to cut yourself off from social interactions, thus restricting, even more, the energy supply that you could benefit from, should you remain plugged into the compensating energetic pool of those who currently operate at a higher voltage.

“The term ‘energy vampires’ has been coined to describe those individuals who drain you energetically, as they have not learned to adequately budget their own energy supply. They operate at a very low energetic mode, thus predatorily hooking on to those who will give them attention but are not discerning enough to safeguard their own precious energies.

“This is not to say that you cannot give without becoming depleted. What it takes to ensure that you are plugged into the cosmic circuitry — powered by an eternally self-sustainable and all-supportive Dynamo — the First Source and Center. This is a far cry from what you experience in your humanity, as your giving is not endless. Yet, once you come to fully embody the quality of unconditional love, you will love unceasingly — just as the Father does.

“Love is energy of the highest voltage and this is the reason why it is coveted by all — knowingly or unknowingly. It exudes many other positive and uplifting emotions: joy, happiness, fulfillment, as well as an ever-positive take on everything.

“Depression is at the opposite end of the emotional spectrum. Due to its dwindling voltage, it puts its subjects at a high risk of a total burnout. It is, therefore, extremely important to monitor the energetic level of the emotions you harbor and to become alarmed whenever they no longer sustain your wellbeing. You have constant inner access to the Generator of all energies, who can also act as a Transformer if you turn within with such an intention. Why don’t you make more frequent use of Its free energy?”

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