The Most Highs Rule in the Kingdom of Men

São Carlos-SP, Brazil, November 8, 2018.
Teacher: Prolotheos.
Subject: “The Most Highs Rule in the Kingdom of Men.”

Message received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “Urantia and all the other inhabited spheres in the Super Universe of Orvonton receive three levels of government, care, and supervision. From Uversa, our super-universe capital comes the general supervision for all local universes by the agencies of the Ancient of Days. From the local universes comes the government of the Creator Sons, like our Christ Michael (Jesus) who most capably governs His Nebadon Universe. And finally, from the Systems is dispatched, for the inhabited worlds, a Planetary Prince, for the local government. However, on this occasion let’s talk about an intermediary, but very important level of supervision, the Most Highs of the Constellations, who have jurisdiction over 100 systems and mostly oversee the social development of its inhabited planets, like Urantia, which belongs to the Constellation of Norlatiadek. Without trampling free will, the three Most Highs in each Constellation, are the ones that really rule in the evolutionary worlds.

1 — Sponsoring Changes Towards Holistic Progress.
“In their superior wisdom, the Most Highs take into account the level of spiritual, moral and social development of the peoples and races of a planet and conduct changes accordingly. In Daniel’s days, for example, the Great Empires were the most practical and efficient way of conducting almost the whole known civilization in one direction and the Most Highs used them to accomplish their long-term objectives. The Most Highs seek a unified government in the evolutionary worlds. However, on Urantia that was not followed due to the Lucifer Secession, which resulted in the so-called ‘sovereign’ and ‘independent’ nations of your time. Although your time period experiences a relative good technological progress, it is still very backward spiritually, socially and morally, all progress in these fields being due to the Christ Michael Bestowal in your world and further activity of His Spirit of Truth and the Adjuster Monitors sent to Urantia.

2 — Restraining Unwise and Detrimental Changes.
“Not all changes are beneficial to a particular world and certainly not every progressive feature is entirely proper at any time. Therefore, to avoid severe, disruptive, and retarding conflicts in the evolutionary worlds, the Most Highs wisely restrain some untimely changes to achieve a more homogeneous progress generally. That may well explain much of the movement of the social pendulum going back and forth between conservatism and liberalism in your world. Sometimes, even desired social and political advances must be held back to allow other peoples at a more backward stage to keep up with the progressive changes.

3 — Preserving and Fostering Positive Changes So Far.
“The Most Highs not only stimulate and promote adequate and timely changes to the evolutionary worlds as they also formulate specific programs to keep and advance the progress that was obtained through past positive changes. In general, Freedom is the main agenda, balanced with social responsibility and spiritual sensibility. Wars certainly are ugly and destructive of values and institutions, but in the lack of more spiritual and civilized ways to solve crucial problems, the Most Highs allow them, but not without putting in place some safeguards to prevent extreme moral breakdown and social retrogression. The Most Highs do not plan or cause wars, but they might use them to wisely advance their spiritual, social and political objectives.

“Therefore, my pupil, there is a well-ordered and spiritual government structure working on your world, including the one from the Most Highs, directly impinging on Urantia affairs. Everything spiritual, social, political moral, cultural that is happening on your world is overseen by these most capable supervisors. They know it, and they have each feature under cautious administration, seeking the wholesome good for the whole of Urantia. That doesn’t mean that conflicts, wars, tragedies will not happen, but as this progressive government from on High continues, they will certainly diminish. You can count on that. I am Prolotheos, your teacher-tutor on High. Peace be with you all.”

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