Inherited Memmories

Illawarra District, Australia, November 21, 2018.
Teacher: The Damascus Scribe.
Subject: “Inherited Memmories.”

Message received by George Barnard.

The Scribe: “Not only are humans gifted in many areas you do not presently comprehend or even begin to realise, you have absorbed and retained incredible knowledge and outstanding wisdom from your parents and, yes, from ancestors going back some thousands of years.

“I am your friend the Damascus Scribe and I know you are ‘put out’ by your Midwayer Colleagues being absent because a grave task that was handed to them all. Incidentally, Midwayer Mathew was here last night and I know you both were aware of his presence. However, he had no prepared lesson to enlighten you with.

“Back now to passed-on or inherited memories. Most of you live with an inborn memory that snakes are to be avoided; spiders, too, but perhaps to a somewhat lesser extent. You may call these feelings of fear intuitive. They are part of an array of tens of thousands of ‘intuitive’ feelings that may surface in the mind when appropriate. Their origins are to a large degree all those things that mattered to your ancestors and these have now become yours. Often these belong to particular professions, at times they represent the religious or spiritual.

“Whereas a sudden confrontation with a snake or spider can awaken age-old horrific fears unrelated to one’s personal life, deep meditation can likewise stimulate the joy of suddenly realized truths, ethical and spiritual wisdom to a similar degree. As future studies will discover, such knowledge will be passed on genetically in countless cases. In fact it is well known on High that apart from the human’s choices to simply become more ethical, moral and spiritual, heredity plays its own elusive part. Much more than I have given you here will be discovered in the near future.

“Again, much more can be discovered should one wish to work with one’s Thought Adjuster, or as this receiver does with Me, the Damascus Scribe. I hope and trust this will answer some of your many questions.”

Receiver’s Notes: (my one question) I mostly kept my children away from my business, a busy printing factory, but when I took my son, aged five, to see the works, he knew most of the company’s employees. More remarkably, he knew where every machine and camera was located and how it all worked. We were simply astounded. I never learned how he knew all that until now.

The Scribe calls the ‘process’ Epigenetics. Worth looking it up.

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