A Lesson on Loving Service

Urantia, September 02, 2012. (date of transcription).
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “A Lesson on Loving Service.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “We earlier discussed how to be of service to one another. Perhaps it would be expedient to tell you how it is expected of you to render loving service. Loving service is never given grudgingly or in silent resentment. It simply is a loving service worthy of being a fruit of your living and maturing spirit within. It is a sign that you are taking to heart the Guidance from within, whose sole pleasure it is to lead you closer to God, who is all loving. This ‘loving’ connotation is added to service, so you know the difference when you sincerely work in greater awareness towards that ultimate goal of becoming perfect. This is a wonderful start in self-observation to sense in yourself a greater love than you had even one day ago.

“Things tend to ‘creep up’ on you unannounced, but once you give your will over to the All That Is, your life changes ever so subtly so even you are not aware of the wonderful changes happening inside you. These favorable changes are often noticed in your immediate surroundings, as you are slowly becoming a more mellow person. The sharp edges are wearing down and in time will disappear altogether. There is a sublime ‘something’ happening inside you, that even you cannot put a finger on. Even your thoughts become more charitable towards each and everyone, as you are less given to hasty conclusions and criticism. This is also being of loving service – the manner in which you think about others. Now you can go about your daily business and in your mind send a silent blessing to each whose name arises in your memory, or who happens to cross your path.

“In time this will become second nature to you, and in this newly acquired habit the whole world is uplifted, as good will is being spread abroad as a loving service to mankind. Being in this state of mind, renders you harmless and yet you, yourself will become stronger as you can withstand the less happy thoughts from others, because you placed yourselves under My influence and as a result, in the most enviable position; that of rendering loving service to a world, so greatly in need of love. True loving service happens unconsciously as over time it will become a state of mind. This shall bring the giver great benefits as the physical system is no longer poisoned by toxic thoughts. This is extremely important to realize, because the actuality and the real-ness of peace in your soul is unmistakable.

“Being of loving service is beneficial to the nervous system, which will no longer be under the influence of abuse from negative thinking. You will begin to see that everything originates in the mind, as it has been said before, ‘As a man or woman thinketh, that he or she becomes.’ The sooner you uplift your thoughts to a higher level of thinking, the better you will render loving service. In doing so, you become less self-absorbed and better equipped to become other-people oriented, for these two go hand in hand. It is not beneficial to a person to become so self-absorbed that there is no room for any other thoughts. The greatest service you can render is to yourself and notice the quality of your thoughts. I can help you with this when you come to Me and lay the matter before Me, so we, in partnership, can work together on this in loving service to each other.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
Try coming out of the shadows, a little at the time—TA.