What Kind of Life will You Live?

Alabama, US of A, January 3, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “What Kind of Life will You Live?”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “How will you look back when you reach the end of your days? How will you consider the life you have lived? You can be sure that you will not remember the trips you made, the riches you obtained, or the fame you enjoyed. Many of those who have achieved these mostly material things look back and remember them for just a few moments, to finally discover that they really didn’t grow during their lives. As they were during the first years of their adult life, they continued to be until the end of their life.

“Then they realize that during all their existence they faced the same situations over and over again, always having the same fears, and never overcoming the limitations they imposed upon themselves from the start. In other words, they never grew, never matured in the spiritual sense. In the end, after considering that they may have accomplished all their material dreams, they face death with great uncertainty and fear, because in reality they don’t even know if there might be something beyond life. It is then they ask the questions that their wiser siblings spent their lives trying to answer: What is the purpose of all this? Where do I come from and where am I going?

“Consider now a mortal who has lived a sincere and contributing life. Maybe somebody who fought in vain against poverty and barely survived the struggles of material life. However, this person had the courage to learn to think independently and to search on her own the realities of religious experience – the personal relationship with the Celestial Father. This person may perhaps spend some minutes regretting all the trips she could not take, the things she could not buy, and the harshness of her life. Then will come the revelation of how much she has grown, how she has overcome her fears and how much she relied on the understanding that all is well, all is just as it should be. This person will see her life as a true school where she learned to be trust-worthy and she developed a personality consecrated to the will of the Father, regardless of the situation. This person will remember the deep and significant relationships she established with her peers in this world, thanks to the healing and inspiring influence of the unconditional love she learned to express through her being. This person will discover how her fears vanish and she will face death with joy and confidence, because she will know – perhaps merely unconsciously – that this will not be the end.

“What kind of life will you live? Will your life be just a blurry dream in eternity, or will it be the foundation of a career dedicated to make you more like God? Remember what you are living for. Don’t let yourself be distracted by the traps of mortal life and the fake beliefs of humanity. Free yourself from the chains of dogma and tradition, whether religious or cultural, and move your sight to the heavens, toward your true destiny, where the doubts of existence are replaced by the adventure of better understanding God while progressively becoming more like Him.”

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