A Lesson about Ideas

Alabama, US of A, December 29, 2010.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “A Lesson about Ideas.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Ideas are often transmitted beyond the use of language or other types of communication. Ideas are things that, once created, never disappear. They are recorded and may be accessible to others in different time frames. This is the most powerful influence a human being can have on the rest of the universe. Even now in your material form you could generate original ideas for the entire cosmos.

“The reception of these ideas in your world is mostly an unconscious process. A person tuned to the same frequencies as you are – searching for answers to the same questions – could ‘find’ the thoughts generated by you and receive inspiration to do something. You already know about the phenomena of multiple inventions or discoveries of the same thing occurring in different parts of the world at almost the same time, without any contact among the parties involved*. You have also observed how something that came to your mind once has found expression through others.

“Often, mortals have attempted to fight against this effect of idea transmission. The spirit of competition that has governed the relationships and the human material evolution has resulted in legal resources that prevent an idea from being ‘stolen’ by others. Ideas are the patrimony of all, because your mind, your ingenuity, and your culture, owe a lot to those who came before you, as well as to those who give without asking for anything in return: the Creator parents, the adjutant spirits of the mind, and the inspiring celestial teachers.

“If you make an effort to think independently, without the self-imposed secrecy restrictions aimed at preventing others from benefiting from your ideas, you could contribute greatly to the progress of your world and to the universal culture. The solutions you imagine for the problems in your world are being transmitted to many others and one of them might well receive with enough clarity to understand what you mean and do something about it. This doesn’t mean that you should ignore the traditional methods for the transmissions of ideas – conversation, writing, and more – but even if nobody hears what you want to say, or read what you write, your ideas will not be lost and those things of eternal value will find an expression with the help of our Father in the creation of new realities.”

* In a 1922 paper titled “Are Inventions Inevitable? A Note on Social Evolution” by William Ogburn and Dorothy Thomas, there is list of 148 inventions or discoveries that were made simultaneously in different parts of the world. Some of the discoveries include calculus, decimal fractions, oxygen, and sunspots. Some of the inventions include the telephone, color photography, and the telescope. You can see the paper here: http://www.jstor.org/stable/2142320?seq=1

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