A Lesson on Interference

Urantia, September 03, 2012. (date of transcription).
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “A Lesson on Interference.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Let us tackle the word interference and the deeper meanings of this word. There are amazingly many ways of interference that can come about – from the inside out, like in your own thought processes and from the outside in, as from others and from the environment. We will take the first category, because the interference from the inside out is the one you can control, and having learned a measure of control, you may then also to some extent be able to control the interferences from others and the environment. First of all, you need to recognize how interference works in your mind. This again can be sub-categorized, because there is the subtle interference from chemicals as in medicines and the ones you can control yourselves like drugs and alcohol and unhealthy nutrition, which really are the outside interferences.

“I would also like to mention, and this is the most important one: Those random thoughts in your mind, which run rampant and uncontrolled, can be very bothersome when they become repetitious as in an obsession. There are also those thoughts which seem to get ‘stuck’ as a thought-process, which is like an echo from your past. In reality these are the thought processes from your parents, who impressed their thoughts upon your impressionable mind. Likely you will pass these on to your own children. This you can correct, as they are not only among the do’s and don’ts of childhood, but also their out-moded belief-systems.

“It is so very important that you grow your own belief system as spirituality is a totally personal matter, and ought never to be spoon-fed to children or forced upon young adults. All have in their minds a Spark of the Creator God. This is your unerring Pilot Light, your Thought Adjuster, who works unceasingly to uplift your thoughts to a higher level. It is your mere mortal mind which interferes with the Spark’s endeavors. It is your mind, first of all, which can be brought under your control. This does not depend on the level of education one attains, although schooling can help to lead thoughts to a more focused way of thinking. Book knowledge is never more important than experiential knowledge. Book knowledge only reaches the heart, when it is put to practice. It is very important that you scrutinize the material you read and question if it benefit you. If not, it becomes a waste of time.

“Also, scrutinize the manner of your thoughts. What is it that interferes with your attention, making you ‘hop, skip and jump’ from one thought to the next? Random thinking can have its benefits. It is important to let creativity have a say in your mind. You are far more creative than you think yourselves to be, but you allow mundane thoughts to interfere, so you lose the thread of your thoughts. The easiest way to learn to control your thoughts is to confide in ME, your Thought Adjuster, who can teach you, how to control your thoughts and at the same time give you insight as to how to live the better way with the least amount of stress. I am telling you, that this is the greatest favor you can do yourself to reap the most spiritual growth in the process. Think what a great partnership ours could be if you involved Me more consciously, and of course willingly, in your life with the least of outside interference.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
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