Of Tolerance and Patience – Part 1

Illawarra District, Australia, August 2, 2012.
Mentori (outspoken) Spokesperson.
Subject: “Of Tolerance and Patience – Part 1.”

Received by George Barnard.

Mentori Spokesperson: “There are those of the Angelic groups now enrolled as Mentori Teachers that trace their ‘birth’ back to a time before your Midwayer Teachers were, indeed before your world was understood to become a decimal world. You see, my dear friend and student, those of lower ranks to the Angels are their students. Not only do we progress by learning from them directly, but we are also examined as to our ability to transfer knowledge to you. Only a few are allowed to be known by name. No, not I.

“I am a former human and I hail from a planet in this sector, however, an extraordinarily peaceful one. And it is therefore that I choose to assist those of this rebellious planet in our Nebadon, whilst also advancing myself to be of greater use to our Creator Parents in one of the time-space-distant universes now ‘unfolding’ beyond your mortal vision, and ‘outside of’ your present reality. By mutual agreement, our Thought Adjuster fusion is on hold, which is most common. With few exceptions, yes, fused former mortals choose ascension.

“Our prepared lesson, on subjects of my suggestion, tolerance and patience, patience and tolerance, is relayed to you by your friend of some ten years, Midwayer Mathew, who stepped forward to be of service. We shall begin. In your eagerness to inherit a world to your liking, you scamper about as if you are running out of time to set this world straight within one generation. Indeed, let us not forget that you are the caretakers of this world, the custodians of your spiritual history, the rangers in (of) your physical environment.

“Disappointingly, here you are ‘stoking wars’ in many places, ruining yourselves, and planning even more wars, to achieve what? As a single organism, and that is how we see you, you are amputating parts of that self, creating veritable no-go zones of lethal pollution, thus reducing your liveable world in size, and ‘dumbing down’ the general population by second-rate teachings, inappropriate nutrition, totally repressed and even distorted news, plain lies in black and white for all to see. Is this your Correcting Time? Is it truly so?

“While we hear prayers offered to the Creator for Him to slay your opponents, what utter shame, there can be no shortcut to human progress! You must take your time, apply patience, find tolerance in your hearts in getting to know ‘the other side’ as being merely a part of yourselves, of the organism that you are, yet individual offspring – men, women, and children – of the very God you revere! I am a Mentor in a large group, a circle of Mentori and you may refer to me as the outspoken one. I wish all those present a good evening.”

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