God’s Inevitabilities

Chicago, US of A, August 24, 2012.
Teacher Prolotheos.
Subject: “God’s Inevitabilities.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “Human beings enjoy free will to choose their own destinies, yet often manage to operate well beyond the limit of their prerogatives. However, at the end of the day they are finite creatures existing in a finite Universe, ruled by an infinite and sovereign God.

“The pendulum of finite reality may experience swing after swing from progression to regression and back again, and yet ultimately the perfect will of God will prevail – a wonderful adventure He proposed for Himself – to experience the myriad experiences of His own creatures.

“In theory, no change can ever exist with the Eternal, Infinite and Perfect God. If considered exclusively in absolute sense, creation could never exist as a new thing. Here, the concepts of potentialities and inevitabilities are useful to understand the ‘actions of God’. In God, realities can be seen as existential, actual and potential. These all manifest God, but in different ways. Existentials are the primary and ontological attributes of God that make Him the infinite I AM. Actuals are potentials that are actualized as inevitabilities, out of His infinite possibilities. It’s due to this eternal dynamics that God is He, and is not His Creation (the alter reality)

“To bring the inevitabilities of God to our practical relationship with Him, let us talk about God’s will, love and justice. The will of God is inevitable because He is a person. Only a personal God could create personal beings. We all have to face the fact that there is a Sovereign Will ruling the Universe, to which we are all willingly drawn to submit.

“God’s love is inescapable. It tells us that God is a good God. Neither a thing nor creature in this vast Universe is deprived of God’s love, which permeates all. Evil does not preclude the presence of God’s love. Rather it becomes more evident that ‘where evil abounds, love abounds more strongly’. God’s love is contagious and attractive, but never forcibly manipulated. God never ceases to love us, even if we cease to love Him. God’s love is inevitable, and impossible to hide from.

“The justice of God is inevitable, but never a punishment. Justice, as the word suggests, is an adjustment. God’s justice is His way of adjusting all things to His loving and perfect will. God’s justice is rooted in His primacy to all. There is a tension between the perfect love of God and His perfect justice, which is solved by His perfect mercy. Justice is fair, but mercy is beyond fairness – it is forgiveness, patience, long suffering, enough to bring humans to acknowledge (and if they want to accept this) the goodness of God. Mercy, however, is not endless. When all mercy is reject, humans will face the fair, inevitable and final justice of God – to which they do willingly submit themselves.

“Human beings are not an accident, or a product of chance, but inevitabilities of the will of God, invited to become His partners in co-creation, which alone makes life worthwhile. I am Prolotheos, your tutor and teacher on high, always within reach of a single inviting thought.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
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