Precisely What You Need

Alabama, December 27, 2010.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Precisely What You Need.”

Received by Oscar.

Receiver’s note: “The following transmission is a reply to a question about those meditation or visualization methods for sale that promise to help you obtain whatever you want.”

Thought Adjuster: “You know that our Father doesn’t satisfy His children’s every whim. The desires of mortals are often focused on what is temporary, whilst the eternal value of what is desired depends on the degree of maturity of the person. The belief in a magical way to obtain material things has gained traction mostly because of how attractive this idea is. Who would not like to find an easier way to get what he or she wants? Many have fallen for this false idol and waste their energy and their money searching for the secret to find success and happiness.

“No, visualizing or meditating with absolute concentration about having a million dollars in the bank will not make it happen. But maybe you don’t need one million to be happy. Maybe the current economic situation make it impossible for many to become millionaires. Maybe poverty and the struggle to make ends meet is exactly what you need to become a strong and trustworthy person, full of compassion and love for your brothers and sisters in this world. You can be sure of one thing, our Father will give you precisely what you need to grow spiritually and in this regard nothing will ever be denied.

“And on this subject, here is a parable: A child asked his father for ice cream at lunch. The father who dearly loved his child, and dreamed about seeing her grow strong and healthy decided to give her a carrot instead. When the child received the carrot she complained bitterly and didn’t eat it, yelling to her father: ‘Are you mocking me? Do you enjoy watching me suffer? Why are you so unfair?’

“Those who wisely choose at some point in their lives to do the Father’s will notice that all their wishes become a reality and all their prayers are answered. These mortals don’t become rich and famous. Many of them seem to separate from needs and wants of this world and become indifferent to its traps and lies. When you pray, ask for spiritual illumination, and you will get it. Ask to be transformed into a new being of truth and light, and observe how you are born again. Ask to be more like your Father and you will become more like Him. These are the greatest miracles of mortal life and they can be yours only by wishing. Life in this world is but a second in eternity. Don't let spiritual shortsightedness prevent you from becoming what your Father wishes for you.”

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