A Theory about Evolution/Creation – The Factors

Illawarra District, Australia, May 4, 2012.
Life Carrier Orion.
Subject: “A Theory about Evolution/Creation – The Factors.”
              (Reply to a question I needed to pose).

Received by George Barnard.

Orion: “We will discuss small steps in evolution and creation, and also your incomplete theory of the High Autistic as you know these individuals under the Humm-Wadsworth Temperament Scale. (* see notes below).

“The theory is correct, but correct to only a very small degree. It is correct that at a time when there is a greater need for individuals to work alone on fine detail tasks – those you sometimes call ‘the computer nerds’ – do accept for this being said in good humour – an increase in the number of these potential specialists is born. However, I want to show you that your increase is over-estimated, wrongly measured, because in prior years there were other projects for these High Autistic individuals to concern themselves with, such as fine art, perhaps the making of intricate lace that required tremendous patience, the production of clocks and watches, or the preparation of wooden printing blocks.

“Even so, I grant you that at this particular time there is a slight increase of those particular individuals. However, there is yet another factor to consider. Your way of life, with both men and women at work, and with children left more to their own devices, there is a tendency for this ‘high autistic’ aspect of the personality to come to the fore, to the foreground, simply because of their spending so much time alone. Your society’s way of life thereby promotes an increased high autistic content to the overall population.

“It is a complicated mix and you need to consider that only from On High your future is perceived ahead of time and adjustments can be, and are indeed made, to suit your progress in a direction in which your civilization is meant to develop.

“Overlooked by you, also, is the fact that your species is evolving, is developing as a group, and in fact becoming more intelligent through growth in numbers as well as being aided by communication.

“This is your friend, Orion. Stay with the mission.”

* Notes: Try not to be put off by Humm-Wadsworth terminology. Their temperament scale deals with the normal, whilst the terms are mainly borrowed from abnormal psychology. Humm-Wadsworth personality profiling allows impatient or lazy (I will own up) analysts a fast key-in to the patient’s character, so healing can begin.

Having re-read the message, it’s now totally clear to me. It’s just what I needed to hear! I had not been thinking much outside the box. To others, Orion’s message may not be all that clear.

So, putting this in perspective:
(1) There always were these kinds of personalities on this earth, but obviously, in our past, they were otherwise occupied.
(2) The High Autistic content is likely to come to the fore in children being left to their own devices in the home.
(3) Together with (2) we are becoming more intelligent as a group through increased numbers, improved communication, and natural evolution.
(4) “Creation” does (to a small degree only) allow for an increased number of particular personalities with respect to certain needs in a population’s developmental progress.

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You lit a Flame, and it will become a Raging Fire—ABC-22.


Your Contributions to this World

Alabama, US of A, November 16, 2010.
Unknown Teacher.
Subject: “Your Contributions to this World.”

Received by Oscar.

Teacher: “The peace you desire is just one step away. You just need to turn your face to Me, and let Me hold your hand. However, for you to achieve this, you need to learn to trust. Many times you have said that you want to do my will. Still, in your mind you always come back to the original plans you devised based upon limited vision, and the belief that they are best for you.

“I know it is very hard for a mortal to observe his or her motivations and detect in them the hand of the Father who is attempting to express Himself through that mortal. Many times you consider your aspirations, and ask yourself if those are your ideas, or if there is any divine inspiration behind them. Don’t you know that you can tell the tree from its fruit? Don’t you recognize true, beauty and goodness?

“Everything that comes from the Father is an expression of unconditional love, the highest love you will ever conceive of. If the things you want will contribute to bring you closer to your true self and will help others do the same, then what you want is the will of the Father. If what you want will only generate a personal material benefit for you – satisfaction for the ego – then perhaps you should reconsider. A common trap in which mortals often fall is to start projects that will potentially benefit others while expecting at the same time some personal reward. The second should not be a requirement to work for the first.

“When the projects of men are in harmony with the projects of God they will always find success. An idea, the understanding of a value, or good intent are things that will never be lost, and they will be registered forever in the universe and in the experience of the Supreme. Your contributions to this world may well be contributions to many worlds in eternity. Give without expecting something in return, as freely as you have received. Live a life that will be an illustration of another unique way of getting closer to God and an awakening to the spiritual realities, so you can be a light illuminating the path for those who search for the Father here, and anywhere in the universe, during ages to come.”

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You lit a Flame, and it will become a Raging Fire—ABC-22.


Ambassadors of Light

Michigan, US of A, May 6, 2012.
Christ Michael.
Subject: “Ambassadors of Light.”

Received by Chris.

Christ Michael: “Greetings, this is Christ Michael.

“To all you students on the path who desire to be my disciples, who desire to do the Will of my Father, and who desire to serve your brothers and sisters on this world, I invite you to work with me in this Correcting Time. Just as I ordained and sent out the seventy evangelists, more than 2,000 years ago, to reveal the love of my Father and your Father, I now am in need of workers who are as dedicated, loyal, and willing to consecrate their will to the knowing of the Will of our Father.

“There is much work to be done, my children, and I am calling on a new generation of disciples to abide in me, and through this abiding love, you shall become like a river of living water that shall flow into the hearts of those who are searching in the dark, thirsting for this living water. The time is now, my children, for those of you who hear me to gather around and kneel at the stone as I pass my hand over your head and ordain you into the fellowship of my trusted ambassadors.

“I knock at the door of your hearts, waiting for you to open the door, to know love like you have never known it; to see light like you have never seen it, to know truths that you have never pondered; to see beauty in all the Father's children – the light of life that indwells all.

“Those of you who have this yearning to be my trusted ambassadors, I ask you to consider the costs, lay your foundation, and begin the building of a new temple in your heart dedicated to the Will of the Creator. It is in this new temple that my Spirit of Truth shall abide and so shall you be guided to your ambassadorship – to represent me in the world.

“This calling is extended to all, but only those who stand ready, with hands on heart, kneeling at the stone of ordination, shall be called my ambassadors of light. Those that have fulfilled their earthly duties and desire, above all, to join with me in this work of the reclamation of this world for the Creator Father may do so. Make your sincere intentions known to me and I shall abide in you.

“My peace I leave with you,
“This is Christ Michael.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009.


Divine Justice

Urantia, May 4, 2012.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Divine Justice.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Be assured that I know how hesitant you are to even start typing, as this new subject frightens you somewhat. The reason for this is that you were raised in the belief of the wrath of God, and that God was a stern judge. These are puerile emotions which only humans indulge in. How wrong those teachings!

“Still it remains in those records of old. You recall how you had difficulty in believing all those legends you were spoon-fed. Remember how many stories in the bible made as little sense to you as to many others. Therefore, the time has come to shine a new light upon justice, specifically Divine Justice, so that honest and sincere souls may feel at ease about the 'coming judgment', rather than living in fear, and like the olden seer John the Baptist expressed it, ‘flee from the wrath to come’.

“Being well versed in the bible and now with the enlarged revelation of your text, the Urantia Book, it will become a lot easier for you to understand how Divine Justice operates, as all mortals are their own judge and jury, needing to forgive themselves and others, as God automatically forgives those who forgive all.

“Your studies will allow you to acquire a better understanding of how Divine Justice operates in the time-space creations. It is on all the peopled planets of space where such lessons are learned. Lessons create understanding and understanding leads to wisdom. Life is therefore precious and the lessons are chosen by the mortals themselves, whether they are conscious of their own choices or not. Irrespective, life is, it flows, and progresses, regardless of the choices you make.

“Sooner, more often later, the dawning comes that, yes, perhaps you could have made better choices, or behaved more appropriately, or not have acted impulsively, or said something thoughtlessly, which may have caused misery for self and or others, and such performance would hardly be seen as doing the will of God, but consider this…

“You will see now, dear one, how important that one prayer is: ‘Not my will be done but yours’. This is Divine Justice in its purest form. By doing His will, you will become more conscious of the fact that God does not judge at all, he only forgives. This is true justice, as everything is based on love. Even the universes with all the myriad planets are created from nothing but love.

“Such is the extent of Divine Justice that He allows each mortal to make up his or her own mind about how they will conduct themselves throughout their precious lives. Eventually they will see it God’s way and adhere to that one commandment to become perfect even as God is perfect. Such is the love of God that He patiently waits, allowing each child to return their love back to Him.

“The eternal truth remains that when you decide to do, and abide by, God’s will, which is the way with the most love in it, you will be in the flow of pure creation and be living by Divine Justice.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
You lit a Flame, and it will become a Raging Fire—ABC-22.


You Will Be a Perfect Creature

Alabama, US of A, November 12, 2010.
Unknown Teacher.
Subject: “You Will Be a Perfect Creature.”

Received by Oscar.

Teacher: “Perfection is knowing right from wrong. Those beings created perfect do not stumble in sin or error, because they simply know what is best for them in an innate manner. Regardless of how attractive sin may appear, they can’t be deceived because they know. Besides, the many circumstances mortals must face – the so called ‘pleasures of the flesh’ – are not an issue for those who live in higher realms.

“It is possible, however, for any of these perfect creatures to choose evil, since they also exercise free will, but they would always clearly know the consequences of their actions. Such is life for those created perfect; they know with certainty the will of the Father and the workings of the universe.

“Perfection is also the destiny of mortal beings if they choose to follow the guidance of their Divine Spark. However, mortals have and advantage – evolutionary experience. The personalities that are forged in the struggle of time have no parallel in the universe. Great attributes of courage, loyalty and faith are required to achieve the goal of perfection from such humble origins. Once you have reached this level, you will have been tested in every way, and you will have been victorious in all the challenges.

“Today, while you believe without seeing, while you walk trusting that the invisible Father is holding your hand; while you suffer trying to harmonize the things of this world with your spiritual reality; while you aspire to truth, beauty and goodness, and while each day you face error and sin; remember that the Father has created you so you can become like Him. Through your long preparation during eternity you will become a perfect creature, in the likeness of God, who at the same time can understand the errors and tribulations of those following behind, as you provide a more-than-adequate service to those future souls that will still be searching for the Father.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
You lit a Flame, and it will become a Raging Fire—ABC-22.