Urantia, January 29, 2015.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “The Value of Relationships”

Receiver: Lytske.

The Beloved One: “To begin this lesson on the value of relationships, let me state the most important values are sincerity and truthfulness. It cannot be otherwise as when these values are not present, it leaves the relationship full of ‘holes’ to be filled with insincerity and the possibility of hidden agendas. Being truthful is a necessary component of making any relationship honest, meaningful, dependable and lasting.

“The sad truth on this disordered planet is that the meaning of a sincere relationship is quite distorted and, sorry to say, lost on the majority of the inhabitants residing on this orb. This is a very unfortunate and disturbing scenario and it shows the level of its inhabitants’ maturity or immaturity as seen from the celestial point of view. Almost everyone lives for themselves, often rushing to and fro without thought of taking even their next of kin into consideration. You observe consideration and loyalty as other values that also need to be included in truthfulness without having any sort of the hidden ‘me first’ agenda.

“True and lasting relationships unfortunately usually are forged between the hammer and anvil. Relationships occasionally are threatened by a calamity of some sort and suddenly a partner or a friend is no longer there, And the true significance of appreciation dawns upon you about how much he or she means to you. Or a gap occurs in the relationship due to selfishness by one or both partners’ immaturity, insincerity or a minor misunderstanding that threatens to blow out of proportion. Relationships come to an end for many reasons.

“Relationships between two people, like partners, spouses, are important. But the most important one is between parents and children, as children learn values ideally from their parents, family and caretakers, then from friends, groups and larger circles. You realize that once you start thinking about relationships, they become many-sided and all-inclusive. Relationships start when each individual comes in contact with another. The question always arises: What sort of relationship will this be? Will it be based on honesty, truthfulness and sincerity or will it be one based on a me-first self-serving ‘what can I get out of this’ basis?

“Let us talk about love and forgiveness for a moment as these also are included in the values of meaningful relationships. It goes without saying: this planet needs an overhaul and a new curriculum instituting a course in the meaning of all these values, before she sinks any further into the horrible degradations to which she is presently exposed? Will she and her people suffer at the hands of certain factions who throw their weight around with lies and fabrication of untruth, exposing the ignorant masses to all sorts of grievous poisons in food, water and air for their self-gratification and upsetting the fragile relationship of balance between man, beast and the earth herself?

“At this point the Celestials are instituting the Correcting Time, which gtives every citizen a chance to move towards an active soulful and loving cooperation — first with themselves to work on genuine relationships with and between each other and then with their Creator God to help the planet progress in a balanced manner.”

Edited by Linda Abell.

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