Urantia, February 14, 2015.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “The Undying Spirit-soul”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Something happens in your mind the moment you totally surrender your will to me in order to be focused and receive a message you hope will bring more clarity to the world. First we will speak about today as the most important subject anyone can think of because it pertains to each person’s undying spirit-soul, including the little persons (children) — whatever their age. Suffice it to say that all souls are meant to evolve just like the owners of these souls are growing and aging.

“The point I make that is so very important is that some attention be given each day to feeding this undying spirit-soul and not let it languish in an over-fed body. While many souls are in danger of starvation on this planet more attention is given to the unreal material substances of life rather than the real spiritual substance and purpose of life. Yes, it is necessary to work for one’s sustenance and to educate the mind, but these are all perishable as there may be no lasting substance to bring with you into the next level of your eternal existence.

“It is worrisome to the celestials to note how many mortals do not spare a thought to the life hereafter. Each year you notice the beginning of the seasons and you observe a change in the air. The same with the humans here. They go through their own seasons of growth. Yet, when you notice changes in the outer self, do you spare a thought to the inner self: what makes it move and behave as the seasons turn for all of you?

“Will something of substance have developed in you? Has the soul had a chance to be satisfied with the way it has been fed or is it still hungry for substance? Have there been moments in life when you could hear your spirit call out to the Still Voice from God within who is faithfully waiting for a sign of life from you? Or has it been put aside by the clamor of the world with empty enticements such as money and hollow entertainment, to make you forget some deeper thinking about the meaning and purpose of life?

“Ask yourself some soul-searching questions: ‘What is my purpose in life and what is God’s life plan for me?’ Have you not realized you were given a life plan at birth to fulfill? Of course you are always free to follow your own will, but what about the important lesson in life: to learn and to do God’s will? You might be surprised to find out how much richer life can be when practicing unconditional love and caring when you adhere to the golden rule of learning to love yourself like God loves you all. He gives you the free will and opportunity to eventually come back to Him as perfected spirit-souls as God intended in his divine blueprint for each of you.”

Edited by Linda Abell.

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