Alabama, US of A, October 5, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Meditation, Action and Reflection”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Physical labor is not necessarily a requirement of the mortal experience. Your spiritual progress will not be measured by the work you do in this world. Do not fall into the error of considering arduous labor as superior to other kinds of work. Your Father did not bring you into this world to suffer for no reason, but to live, learn and grow.

“On more advanced mortal worlds, the necessary work to sustain one’s way of life — the performance of public services, order and cleanliness and more — does not occupy such a large part of the life of the inhabitants. Two to four hours a day is more than enough. On your world, many are involved in such tasks for most of their lives, missing the opportunities to cultivate other aspects of their personalities.

“However on the more advanced worlds, human beings have acquired the discipline to maintain their spiritual momentum. After doing their material work, these advanced human beings don’t waste their time with entertainment, idleness or vices. The greater part of the time in the lives of these mortals on the worlds of light and life is dedicated to study and being in service to their peers. The inhabitants of these worlds know very well that the priority of mortal life is to create the foundation of a future spiritual life and they have this goal as the most important endeavor they need to accomplish during their lives. Everything else is secondary. Even when they invest very little time in the lower task of their realm, they make a consistent effort to grow and learn — to become increasingly perfect.

“In this world, you are still fully tied to the material tasks to sustain your way of life. The vast majority of your time — and often that of many inhabitants of this world — takes place in a constant struggle for survival, which does not leave space to explore anything else. For this reason, every spiritual impulse by a creature and every effort to know more about the Father and His Kingdom is much more valuable in this world than it is in a normal world.

“It doesn’t matter how busy you are, you can always dedicate even a few minutes to inner exploration, to discover the voice of the Father within you. This constant dedication will produce great spiritual fruits in your personality and will take you beyond the mortal appearances that limit your potential. Do what you need to do in the world, but do not forget your true nature and the work that prepares you for eternity.

“Those who by chance enjoy more free time must first ensure that they are not doing so at the expense of their peers. Do not leave to others the duties that you should perform. Use your time as a valuable opportunity to explore your spirituality through meditation (the practice of stillness), action (service to your brothers and sisters in this world) and reflection (study, learning, the expansion of your mind). These activities are listed in order of importance.

“Life is not the same for everybody and the Father knows the situation of each one of His children. He expects a measure equivalent to the advantages each one enjoys. The great religious master that inspires the masses of the entire world with discourses of love and peace is as important to God as the father and mother of a family who have dedicated their lives to raising their children and who only enjoy a few minutes to commune with the divinity within their selves. Do the best you can do with what has been given to you and the rewards of eternity will be yours.”

Edited by Linda.

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