Alabama, US of A, October 3, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Within Your Grasp”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “The current state of your world should be giving you enough evidence of the error of putting the search for knowledge above spiritual progress. The great advances you have made in scientific matters cannot be denied. The discoveries of recent years have brought you closer to understanding the workings of the universe and have provided some perspective about how much can actually be known. For the first time in your history, you are catching a glimpse of possible limits to mortal knowledge.

“There are things in creation that will forever be out of reach of the mortal mind. It is not that some things are arbitrarily kept hidden from you, but there are some things that you simply cannot perceive in your current state of existence. These discoveries will have to await a future stage of your existence that will provide new bodies and senses, and above all a mind whose abilities go well beyond those of your current mind. However, there is still a lot that can be understood and learned by you, therefore we encourage you to continue searching and being curious — an important quality for human development and evolution in space-time and beyond.

“However, in your efforts to understand that which is around you, don’t forget to cultivate a relationship with the Divine Spark within yourselves. This spiritual effort is what is expected of you during this initial life in the realm of space and time. A world of high spirituality has its future guaranteed. A planet of individuals who strive to express the perfection in their being with ever increasing clarity, is a world where all live in peace, with abundant opportunities to grow and live a fulfilling life. In contrast, a world of great technological advance without a comparable spirituality is constantly facing the possibility of being the architect of its own destruction.

“All the areas of human knowledge are important and should be explored, but spiritual growth should always have priority. In this world, spirituality never has been given the necessary relevance, which is a pity because in it lies the key to solving all the problems you are facing today and to making this world a true heaven on earth.

“The discovery of the mysteries locked in the universe pales in comparison to the delight of finding God within yourself, and within your brothers and sisters in this world. In this world, the great scientific discoveries may be within reach of a few, but spiritual growth and the search for perfection and personal contact with your Celestial Father is within your grasp, without the need of intermediaries or accessories. Focus your life on what is really important and start today to live a fulfilling life as the awakened children of the Creator Father.”

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