Alberta, Canada, May 17, 2013.
Prometheus’ Treasures - XII.
Subject: “Selfless Service Motivations.”

Received by Renée.

Teacher Prometheus: “The ‘ego’ is the projector of essentially unreal and unsustainable projections in the space-time ‘learning’ evolutionary environment, the temporal realms. Light is the progenitor of creation and progress and is sourced, supplied to, and sustained within the eternalizing Soul as it is invested by the Spirit indwelling the human free-willed evolutionary creature.

“The Light is cooperatively and consciously used in co-creation and with the co-working of the Thought Adjuster, spirit beings (angels) and spiritizing beings (midwayer assistants and morontia teachers) assigned to humans who have progressed to the level of higher receptivity and selfless service motivations.

“The soul becomes the dominant force of progression to the human personality who has willingly made the choice to allow the spiritization of the mind and personality, consecrating them, along with the ‘body-vehicle’ to the Divine Will.

“The soul advances to an elevated level of maturity where it ‘hungers’ for contribution to the spiritual advancement of a culture and the cultivation of values and qualities that strengthen the development of loving, intelligent, mutually beneficial relationships. The application of these spiritual values and qualities lead to a peaceful and productive planetary ‘civilization’, a civilization of ‘Light and Life’.

“I am Prometheus.”

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All the elemental qualities of Love are inherent
in the Light we receive – Prometheus, 2013. 11:11 Store