Urantia, June 9, 2014.
Mentori Spokesperson.
Subject: “Still the Mind and Be at Rest.”

Received by Lytske.

Mentor: “When the human mind is at rest, it becomes a receptacle for needed inspiration – perhaps subliminally – and for this to be used for a new idea, or insoluble problem, for which seemingly no answer can be found. Most inventions and discoveries are made in deep mind when the everyday mind is finally at rest, so celestial beings have a chance to drop a nugget of wisdom or insight into that ‘still’ mind. “Think about how important and not-so-important insights are made, especially those related to personal problems.

“However – and this is my point – the reason why problems are becoming larger and seemingly insoluble is because people have become more accustomed to thinking about the ‘outer’ world, paying little or no attention to their ‘inner’ world. This is mainly due to the almost overwhelming amount of new ‘toys’ and the phenomenal array of gadgets that need to be mastered to supposedly make life easier. Yet, looking at it from a realistic point of view, this has created a new phenomenon in a very subtle form of greed of ‘needing to have’.

“This ‘need to have’ is a burden that will become heavier to carry over time, as even less attention will be given to the real purpose of living, which is simply to prepare you for the next level of existence. The danger is growing on this planet that there will be evermore less-developed souls passing over into the ‘hereafter’ practically spiritually bankrupt, as no personal time will be given to the Creator of all, who is the originator of life’s energies.

“Ideally, an individual connection ought to be made when children are still under the authority and supervision of their parents. Parenthood is a most ‘responsible’ job on any planet and surely questions will be asked from your celestial supervisors as to what kind of effort was made to enlighten the little ones as to how the life-energy of the Creator flows through them. Explanations can be kept very simple so the child can form its own opinion about an Almighty Creator, who loves each child and adult as if each were the only one in creation.

“A human-made religion ought never to be forced onto the child, as a mind free from outmoded laws flourishes best. The only rule to be taught ought to be the golden rule of doing unto others, the way one would like to be treated, accepted and respected with love and care. This one rule would enormously simplify life on this planet. Think about the consequences involved: It would make the shift, which this world so badly needs at this point in its history.

“Come on, inhabitants of Urantia, wake up and make a sincere effort to connect up with that wonderful Gift within you all. That Spark from God is ever so patiently waiting for you to take that first step to join in and make that all-important connection. It is there to help inspire you and make your souls grow and flourish to the greater glory of your Maker.”

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