Alberta, Canada, May 11, 2013.
Teacher Prometheus.
Subject: “Your Greatest Need is Our Greatest Challenge.”

Received by Renée.

Prometheus: “Notwithstanding the truly eager and willing individuals who yearn and hunger in their hearts and souls for truth, enlightenment, goodness, a just society, a culture of kindness, compassion and demonstration of high spiritual values including appreciation of and contribution to ‘beauty’, we see great numbers of sorry, selfish, material-minded, ego-bound and spiritually bankrupt individuals. The majority of human beings on Urantia have sufficient mindal capacity, typically at an age of five to eight years, to make a moral decision which considers the welfare of another before themselves, and thus they are gifted with the Father Fragment.

“The time of this bestowal is not indicative of the degree of successful alignment with the Will of the Creator, the inherent potential within, or a measure of contribution to the value of a soul. It is the birthing of a new Soul. The progression of the Morontial Soul depends upon free-choice willingness of heart, the degree of respect and reverence to the authority of the Adjuster’s Will each time a learning opportunity arises, and the consecration of the personality to the Divine Will. The Soul matures as the person renders service to his or her siblings and the society where genuine effort is made to add to the quality of life, the welfare and happiness, enjoyment and safety of the family of mankind. The growing of the ‘Morontial mota’ higher service values and spiritual principles are directly proportional to the giving up of selfish, animal-origin, ego-centric tendencies of the lower evolutionary-creature mind.

“The major challenge we have at this juncture in the Correcting Time is in finding willing individuals to devote regular and disciplined practice, not only advancing their intellectual prowess by reading quality teachings and Revelatory information (Urantia Book), but in finding persons who are willing to accept the need and responsibility for regular communication with their Indwelling Father Fragment, the highest Source available to them for Guidance and loving intelligent instruction. This can only be achieved through continuous, conscious, conscientious effort and commitment to connecting with the Source. A child of Spirit must be nurtured by Divine Energies only available through actively asking for, allowing, inviting and welcoming these Spiritizing Energies, accessing them through meditative, prayerful, and or higher thought attenuation.

“Higher thoughts are powerful and immediate catalysts for Divine connectivity when initiated in sincere, honest effort to understand and honor, uphold and appreciate the Will of the Creator. This Will is expressed and administered, overseen and manifested through the Spiritual ‘Government’ encircuited and empowered from the Central Authority of each local Universe, which is ultimately answerable to the Creator Personalities known as the ‘Most Highs – the Constellation Fathers. The Seven Master Spirits of each Superuniverse act as the ‘eyes and ears’ of the Paradise Deities – the Father-Creator-Eternal Son-Infinite Spirit.

“The human being is capable, through his or her own spiritual-intellectual efforts, of connecting with the help of the Father Fragment all the way up to the Center of Creation. This effort is always acknowledged by bestowing the individual a Divine and incomparably beautiful, real and forever-memorable personal enlightened experience of the Creator’s Love!

“We are Prometheus and Friends.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
“When we speak of Wisdom, we are speaking of the profound cosmic
knowledge base upon which the creature-personality can draw” –
Prometheus March 10, 2013. 11:11 Store