Urantia, May 5, 2014.
Teacher: The Spark Within.
Subject: The Light Within.

Received by Lytske.

The Spark Within: “Today; I desire to speak for all the Lights within all mortals on this planet. It needs to be known that each child receives their own private Light from God the moment they arrive at the age of moral understanding. Heretofore you have been unwilling to name this Gift from God, ‘The Spark Within’. I desire it to be understood that we as your Sparks from God within all of you, will indeed be the Light upon your path, if you so desire. It is hoped that sooner or later all humans will be inclined to desire to establish a friendship with their Lights from God within.

“In doing so, you would open and activate your sides of the communication channels through a prayer request, taking the time to sit a while in meditation to receive an answer. There is some time and effort involved in establishing this most beneficial habit of daily prayer-meditation. These periods of communion will act as nutrition for your undying spirit-souls, also gifted to you by the Creator God from whom we hail. Are you humans actually aware of all the Gifts you have been given? Firstly, it is life itself, then also the free will to choose how you shall live your individual lives.

“It is disheartening to note that so few humans take advantage of this short but precious mortal life to show what they truly are capable of. Has anyone ever told you that you are rich beyond measure? Of course, with this I do not allude to temporary wealth which melts like snow under the sun. No, I am pointing to the spiritual wealth embedded in your undying seed-souls, given to you at birth. The development of these is totally within the capabilities, therewith honoring your Sparks of Light within.

“It is our greatest joy when humans start to realize that Something lives and works silently within them to prompt and point the way, resulting in a heart and soul-felt happiness with a deep sense of security and of being unconditionally loved. Much restlessness will disappear when you discover for yourselves this priceless connection to God.

“Truly, we are privy to all your thoughts and intent, and we know what you are capable of. So why waste more of your allotted but limited time on this planet with nonsense and childish games? There can be so much unhappiness and a feeling of being lost, whereas you could pull up your ‘spiritual sleeves’ and get to work on your soul’s progress by being the best you can be and by adhering to the golden rule of doing unto others as you would like to be treated. It all starts with one person at a time and it would turn this spiritually backward planet around in the direction of progress for all its citizens, rather than your acting like helpless creatures, waiting for others to point the way, and telling you how to live.

“Please wake up to your God-given Gifts, because you are responsible for the development of your undying souls you will be taking with you into immortality.”

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"Evil has a very short half-life.
That which is God-like is eternal" –
Dr. Mendoza, 2007

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