Chicago, US of A, November 10, 2013.
Teacher: Urantia (Gaia).
Subject: “I Am Your Spiritual Gauge.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Urantia: “This is Urantia, Gaia, your Mother Earth. I am the rendezvous of life on this planet. I started here almost a billion years ago when the Nebadon Life Carriers first implanted life on this sphere. Spiritually, I started here as a virgin fragment of Deity Supreme. I am the God of Evolution on this planet, for evolution was only possible because I am the one who improves life’s energies that cause real species evolution. I am in permanent synchronization with the Adjutant Mind-Spirits. And since Andon and Fonta I have, besides life, also synthetized goodness, truth and beauty from the purposeful existence of human beings on Urantia.

”I have progressed in spiritual power, as you my children, have progressed in spirituality. I have synthetized the life energies on this planet in connection with the Adjutant Mind-Spirits’ work. Every time I sent life back a little more empowered in new living species, the Adjutant Mind-Spirits were able to bring them to a higher level of mind attributes, culminating in your species with the superior work of the spirits of wisdom and worship, along with personality – the Father’s first gift. From then on, I became a reflection of your total spiritual achievements. On top of all spiritual conquests, do not forget to count that of Jesus of Nazareth. When your Christ Michael incarnated on this world, His presence also gave me the highest of spiritual achievement. He, like no one else before Him or after Him, boosted human spirituality on Urantia.

“Therefore, I have achieved the pinnacle of spiritual achievement ever possible on Urantia. However, my spiritual growth will still not be complete until the day when every human being living on the face of this earth also reflects this spirituality. I am your spiritual gauge, the more spiritually replete I am, the more spiritually evolved you will have become, up until the day when all supreme planetary deities in all local universes will have become one in the Almighty Supreme, when God the Supreme will have acquired final and full spirit personalization in the Grand Universe.

“Evidently, as life is physically and organically connected to this sphere, I am also connected to it. I am aware of every change in this sphere, but I am not the sphere itself. I can perceive and use its energies to my planetary functions – and you need to know this – I am not in control of what pertains to the natural development of this sphere. The physical and geological maturation of your planet occurs apart from me, and it is not yet complete on this planet. Physical energies are not yet completely aligned to produce the stability Urantia will enjoy in the distant future. Until then, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, typhoons, tsunamis and other natural occurrences that many times drastically and painfully interfere with human life, will continue, bringing – I know – suffering to you, my children, and to all other creatures.

“Although I do not directly cause these tragedies, I am aware of them, and may use them to my spiritual purposes, for tribulations and sufferings are many times instrumental in your spiritual growth, whilst my spiritual repletion depends on yours. Therefore, my children continue to be spiritually brave in experiencing all these tragedies and sufferings because I am suffering them with you. And I promise you: all goodness, truth and beauty you are realizing in the midst of such bitter hours, I will give back to your future generations. This will increase the overall spirituality on Urantia, ushering it a little closer to Era of Light and Life, which you, together with the Sons of God will bring upon this planet. I am Urantia, your Planetary Supreme, Gaia, your Mother Earth. I am with you now, and even when you have departed from this sphere, the memory of you will stay with me forever.”

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