Urantia, August 16, 2011.
Mentori Spokesperson.
Subject: “Of Open and Closed Doors.”

Received by Lytske.

Mentor: “How about a discussion on doors this early morning? Usually, very little thought is given to walking through open doors, or having to open or close them. This is such a routine habit that hardly any thought is given to this exercise, except when the door is locked or exceptionally hard to open.

“This is an important concept to discuss, because this subject can also apply to hearts, which are like doors. A heart needs to always be open and willing to let the live-giving blood stream through unhindered, and normally when everything flows unhindered, there is no trouble in the physical system.

“We now take this a step further and use it as an analogy about the heart being the door-keeper of thoughts. This would change the picture entirely, would it not? As you have been told before, the heart is the actual brain of the system, and the material brain is merely the computer, which carries out the commands of the heart.

“Whatever you think about influences the entire system. Therefore, it stands to reason that the positive emotions of a pregnant woman also influence a human foetus in helping it grow. This is a rarely-thought-about concept, but it makes sense that when the mother has a less-than-happy pregnancy, the foetus can suffer a life-long, innate depression, like some dark cloud which is difficult to lift.

“This depression is not lifted by chemicals, you must understand, as these chemicals indeed drive this depression ‘underground’, for it to flare up more severely during a later period in that person’s life.

“The true and tested way to overcome such a depression is through prayer and meditation, so the partially closed heart of such a person, who has experienced such gestation, will gain insight and understanding, and can begin to start living with more happiness and inner joy in the way the Creator intended. This is only one way to discuss an open door, and there are many others which we will consider at another time.

“However, I do desire that these thoughts may be considered by whomever these words may apply to. Hopefully they will provide an insight and perhaps be of some help in their recognizing and gaining understanding in the process, and deeper reasons for depression.

“We consider it to be our task to make humans more aware of how they can either positively or adversely influence a beginning life, and where their responsibilities lie. We trust to make them more thoughtful and responsible towards their offspring to do everything in their power to provide happy surroundings, especially during the times when they are expecting.

“We sincerely hope that these thoughts may open some doors in the minds of whoever chooses to read these words.”

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