Illawarra District, Australia, April 21, 2014.
A Destiny Guardian called Juliette.
Subject: “Mind-to-Mind Training.”

Received by George Barnard.

Juliette: “I keep hearing that Midwayers are the latest, and Angels are out, but I’m here to speak up for all Guardian Angels, Destiny Guardians and Cherubim. One might almost say that we have been neglected in recent years when we have long been used to being depicted and admired on countless religious paintings in long silken gowns and with the great white wings of the mute swan.

“What I wish to discuss with you all today is something that will improve your progress on the path of spirituality you tread, and right now I am directing my thoughts at those who regularly read the lessons that your many 11:11 Teachers deliver. I ask you, are you capable of hearing the voice of your Teacher? And if your answer is no, I recommend you engage in a one-way conversation with your ever-present Guardian Angels, your Destiny Guardians.

“Talk with us, talk to us, and, well, you won’t initially hear our answers, but you will trigger some form of response from us. We are masters at controlling the required circumstances that you will find to directly relate to the matters you discussed with us. We are most proficient at bringing you the dreams you need during Alpha sleep. And in conjunction with the plans and actions of your God Fragment, we can effect your thought patterns that seek out greater progress.

“We are of the angelic realm, situated quite outside the reach of your common perceptions, but not beyond the reach of your deeper mind. We are the daughters of the local universe Creator of mind, and it is through your peaceful ‘sleepy’ minds that we can instill in you aspects of universe reality that heralds your potential to eternal life – your understanding of the myriad Teachers that have gone before you – your knowledge of the God Fragment that craves your love.

“Even while we here are blowing our own horns, it is important that you realize that we are quite essential to your life and welfare and not just on this planet, but during your ensuing lives in higher realms.”

George: “We’ll try harder to keep on your good side.”

Juliette: “You’ll be well advised to do so, always, but we don’t just promote this concept of one-sided inter-species communication for the human’s benefit alone. We, your Destiny Guardians, stand to profit from your progress through our subliminal tuition. Your progress will allow us to ascend with you to the mansion worlds as your companions and tutors for much of our time-space progression together, for us to later rejoin on the paradise journey.

“We are always near you, so talk to us of your plans, your wishes, your aims. Where and when we are allowed to assist in your progress, we in all ways will. Adieu.”

George: “Many thanks.”

Note: A Midwayer relayed this message. Not sure which one did.

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“Open your eyes, my friends, and get to know your environment.
Now close them, and comprehend the universe.”
– Athena, Celestial Artisan. 11:11 Store