Alabama, US of A, June 10, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Human Mind and Soul.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “In this world, during the evolution of mankind, the human mind has had a tendency to move further away from the mid-mind – the soul. This was not the original intent of the Creator. Ideally, your mind should be able to have easier access to the things that your soul receives. Today, the limitations that you have in perceiving what your soul can easily grasp, depend on the structure of your human mind – your way of thinking.

“Clearly, the way of thinking is created by the owner of the mind, and once it has been established, it is very hard to change, but not impossible. There are things that the soul can comprehend in its totality, because the mid-mind is free of censorship and it is not governed by human logic. Things that may be crystal clear to the soul may make no sense to your mortal mind and thus they may be rejected or ignored.

“Consider the idea that God inhabits each human being. The soul knows and is totally aware of this fact. However, to many human beings at this time, and due to their traditions and their beliefs, this truth is far from being a reality to their minds. Many truly believe that the Father is very far away, and that they need to go through some sort of initiation, study, and sacrifice period in order to get to Him. The soul knows that the Father is right here, but the human mind will not accept this truth, unless old beliefs are re-examined, and the way of thinking is adjusted.

“It is one of the tasks of your Thought Adjuster to harmonize your human mind with your mid-mind. Spiritual progress is measured by the degree to which the human mind has established a connection with the soul that knows God. This is the reason why spiritual achievement is sometimes referred to as ‘how close one has come to finding the Father’. This can be achieved by being flexible in your beliefs, and by adopting the attitude of a true scientist in attempting to find the Father within yourself, and observing what happens.

“This is all that is needed. Just gather the necessary faith to start the adventure, and follow the path toward self-discovery to the realization that you are a true son or daughter of God.”

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